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    Razer pro|tone m250flipkart_sm3399

    Razer pro|tone m250 Review

    By Team Digit | 12 Feb 2019
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    Razer pro|tone m250: Detailed Review

    Slightly overpriced

    Razer is all over the gaming market. Mice, mouse pads, keyboards—they have it all covered. They’ve now diverted some of their focus towards regular consumers, and the latest are the Razer pro|tone m250 portable clip-on headphones.

    Like all Razer products, the m250s look great. The backs have a brushed metal finish. The headphones themselves are sturdy, but the cables are pretty thin and can be easily damaged. The cable is short as well, which may be good for your portable MP3 player, but not so good if you plan on using it at home on your PC. The clips for the headphones have a layer of rubber, which makes them comfortable for long sessions even if they’re clipped on tight.

    Coming to quality and performance, the m250s are really loud. The treble is overpowering, while the bass is very low and sounds flat. Frequencies between 2.5 and 10 kHz are the most prominent. There was no distortion at the insanely high volumes it reached, though. The disappointing bass response is mainly because of the frequency range—which starts from 50 Hz, instead of around 20 Hz like with most headphones. There is no noise isolation.

    The Razer pro|tone m250 costs Rs 3,399, which is very expensive, but then you need to keep the performance in mind too. The device would be used for mobile entertainment, and there happen to be quite a few cheaper alternatives that offer better audio quality. Some canal earplugs cost around half what the m250 costs give better bass, and offer noise isolation! If you’re a Razer fan, you could make this part of your collection; if you’re not, look elsewhere.


    Weight: 38 gm; frequency response: 50 Hz ~ 20,000 Hz; connector: 3.5 mm; cable length: 1.15 m, Maximum Sound Press Level: 105 dB; impedance: 32 ohms


    Performance  3.5
    Features 3.5
    Build Quality 4
    Value for Money 3.5

    Contact : Net Place Technologies P Ltd
    Phone : 022-40053901
    E-mail :
    Web site
    Price : Rs 3,399



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