Philips GoGear 5245 Review


This device has nothing very outstanding about it, and is not really worth the Rs 8,499 price tag.

Flash PMP Sans Flair


This 4 GB PMP is slightly thicker than an iPod Touch and looks decent with a black glossy finish to it. It’s a device with curved edges having the headphone and mini USB connections at the bottom. The buttons are placed on the right of the screen with volume controls on top of the device, so if you are holding it you can control the device with your thumb and the volume with your index finger.


The PMP is very easy to use and has uncomplicated menus and settings. There are 3 skins you can choose from to enhance your viewing pleasure. The earbuds supplied with the player have a decent sound quality. We noticed the bass was strong, but unfocused and the mid-range is largely recessed. A good set of headphones would increase the sound experience greatly.


The inbuilt FM radio can hold 20 preset channels. There is also a voice recorder feature. Files are saved in WAV.


A drawback we found in this player was that it does not support WAV, but when auto-sync is on, WAV music is added to the device, which causes the player to hang.


Video conversion and upload software is provided with the driver CD. The viewing screen is a 2.8-inch LCD with a glossy finish to it and the video resolution is QVGA 320×240. There is no change in the viewing angles of this player in comparison to any others: If the light is minimal and the player is close to you it won’t make a difference, but if you are sitting next to a window, expect glare to interfere.


A good feature is that if you are watching a video or listening to a song and shut down the player midway, playback resumes from when you last stopped.

Another feature of this PMP is Bluetooth. You can now transfer songs, videos, pictures, etc via Bluetooth. This device also supports A2DP. One thing to be cautious about this is that mono headsets will not work.



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