iPod Classic 120 GB [PMP Mega test] Review

iPod Classic 120 GB [PMP Mega test] Review

This is a superb PMP for discerning music lovers – the overall aural representation remains very tonally neutral and if anything the Classic is actually a little more focussed on the highs than most other PMPs. But that’s not to say the mid-range and bass lacks in any way. Bass is detailed and punchy without any sort of bloat and individual bass notes have the necessary impact. The mid-range is detailed and clear, leaning slightly to the lush side of things. I say it focuses on the highs because it does so well with the higher frequencies which are detailed, and extends without any audible cut-off but there’s also no sibilance – the Classic exerts total control over the sonic spectrum. Especially noticeable on the U2 track ~Where The Streets Have No Name~ Bono’s vocals can sound sibilant and uncontrolled at times but not on the Classic. The opening drum scores on this track also had noticeable weight and there was a textural richness to the bass. It also has noticeably more power than the Nano and will drive around 10 percent higher volume levels.

At Rs. 15,400, the Classic is a steal of a deal, especially considering the performance and unmatched storage space. When you consider that Apple has just announced a new 160 GB version at the same price things get sweeter. It’s certainly not for someone who wants something really compact and pocket able but for the road-warrior audiophile it can’t get much better.


  • Great screen
  • Possibly the best sounding PMP
  • Well built
  • Unmatched storage


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Larger screen would have made it better at movies


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Michael Browne
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