Computer Kitchen MP4 Watch 1 GB (Personal Tech) Review


It costs Rs. 5,990 – too high for what’s on offer.

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This watch is solidly constructed and encased in a rugged steel case, with very firm rubber straps. It’s just as comfortable to wear as any other watch, but due to its rather large size, you better have large wrists to carry it around in style.

This ultra small PMP (Personal Media Player) boasts of a capacity of 1 GB, which is not much, especially if you want to watch movies and videos. There are 2 and 4 GB versions that are better options in such cases. It shows up as a removable drive in XP and you can easily copy files to it using Windows Explorer.

Learning to use the controls takes awhile. The buttons are hard—it would have been better if they would have come with some kind of soft padding that would have increased their surface area and added to comfort. Navigation is not intuitive, but once you get used to it, you can find your way around.

The display quality of the 1.5 inch colour OLED is nothing to brag about. You can’t just play MP4 files directly, and need to convert them using the provided software first—even then, playback stutters—it drops a video frame every now and then.

MP3 playback is quite decent, and the bundled earphones do a rather good job. There are preset equalisers to adjust music to suit your taste. There is an FM Radio, a photo viewer, voice recorder, small games and even an e-book reader.

The battery lasts for around 6 and half hours of MP3 playback, which is a little less than an average MP3 player. When you watch video, the battery lasts for just under 2 hours—you should therefore not hope to watch movies, but watching music videos is a better usage option. Yes, it also has a watch (analog-cum-digital). It costs Rs 5,990—too high for what’s on offer.


Performance : 3.5
Features : 3.5
Ease of Use :  2
Value for money : 3
Overall : 3

Capacity: 1 GB; Display: 1.5-inch 262K colour OLED; Audio: MP3, WMA; Video: NXV (converted using bundled software); FM Radio; Dimensions: 39 (W) x 12 (D) x 39 (H) mm; Weight: 66 gm

Contact : Computer Kitchen
Phone : 080—41131001
E-mail :
Web site :
Price : Rs 5,990


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