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    Audioengine A2flipkart_sm10400

    Audioengine A2 Review

    By Team Digit | 5 Mar 2019
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    Audioengine A2: Detailed Review

    Affordable Audiophilia Inducer

    Audioengine is a comparatively new brand and is fairly unheard of to many. The Audioengine A2s are the less powerful versions of the larger A5s.

    They are small when compared with computer speakers available these days but the build quality is just unmatched. They are made of wood cabinets with a smooth glossy finish. They have heavy and gold-plated connectors. Quality is maintained everywhere—even the well shielded cables are some of the best we’ve seen. The only problem with the design is the volume knob which is situated at the back of the speakers which means you need to move to the back of the speakers.

    When it comes to performance, these small speakers go ballistic—especially for their size. They’re not as powerful as Altec Lansing’s MX5021, but for their size, they are highly impressive and can get really loud without losing any clarity. There are vents at the bottom of the speaker, which breathe out loads of air when played at decent volumes. The power isn’t even its forte. It delivers great detail and very neutral tone, without any exaggerated highs or lows.

    At first, they sound a little muddy without any sparkling highs. Speakers like this require some burn-in period and some improvement in the quality and vibrancy could be noticed after a few days time.

    The solidly built A2s come in two colours—black and white and in a neat package with soft cloth pouches for each speaker. At a price of Rs 10,400, although excellent, it’s a little difficult to recommend these speakers to everyone. These speakers are great for music, but not so much for movies mainly because of the lacking bass-woofer. For people who are used to listening to music with loads of bass, this definitely will be an unfulfilling experience. However, if it’s detail, clarity and good tone you appreciate, the Audioengine A2 is undoubtedly among the best desktop speaker sets you can find in this price range.

    Performance : 4
    Features : 4
    Build quality : 4.5
    Value for Money : 3
    Overall : 4


    30W RMS (each speaker 15 W), Inputs: 2 RCA inputs and 3.5-mm mini-jack, built-in power amp, Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 5.25 inches

    Contact : Audio Products India
    Phone : 91 9324233508
    E-mail :
    Web site :
    Price : Rs 10,400


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