Jaybird X2 wireless headphone launched for Rs. 15,999

By Press Release | Updated 26 Oct 2015
Jaybird X2 wireless headphone launched for Rs. 15,999
  • The Jaybird X2 wireless headphones comes in 6 colour variants and comes with an enhanced Bluetooth signal called SignalPlus which helps eliminate cross-body interference

Jaybird has launched the X2 wireless sport headphones in India. The company has tied up with Indian distributor, Ferrari Video and its retail brand, Headphone Zone. The Jaybird X2 is priced at Rs 15,999 while Jaybird’s range of headphones start at Rs. 7,999. The X2s also come in six colour variants and are coated in a durable soft-touch matte finish. The headphones come with an enhanced Bluetooth signal which the company calls SignalPlus. This helps to eliminate cross-body signal interference and dropout. The Jaybird X2 headphones can either be worn under-ear or over-ear. The headphones are also sweat-resistant and come with a lifetime sweat proof warranty. 


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Premium lifestyle brand Jaybird has launched X2, the second generation of the bestselling sport headphones BlueBuds X in lndia. X2 is the latest in Jaybird's ongoing effort to own the wireless sports audio space. Jaybird is an authentic sports brand offering the industry's best and most innovative designs that inspire an active life. The brand enhances the active experience and empower people to improve their lives Jaybird has entered the lndian market in exclusive partnership with lndian distributor Ferrari Video and its retail brand Headphone Zone (www.headphonezone.in)

Jaybird has redefined the sports Bluetooth headphone category with a strategic mix of lifestyle brand, innovation and design for use. We are proud to bring a brand of such caliber to the lndian music and sports enthusiast," says Raghav Somani, Founder 8 CEO of Headphone Zone. Their current line up of headphones are available in lndia with prices starting at Rs. 7,999 and includes the X2, available at Rs. 15,999. 


Enhanced Bluetooth Audio- Jaybird developed its own codec for decoding the audio with an enhanced bit rate. The result is crystal clear Bluetooth audio, which rivals leading wired headphones. Jaybird calls the technology Shift“"' Premium Bluetooth Audio. X2 leads the wireless sport category with top-shelf audio performance. Fashion, Form, 8 Function- X2 features a circuit board layout that wraps back on itself into a small form factor with a matching sized battery in the corresponding ear. This functional and stylish design, pioneered in BlueBuds X, is now the benchmark for imitation. X2s come in six vibrant colors to match any style, and are coated in a durable
soft-touch matte finish. They are the smallest and most fashionable sport wireless headphones on the market.

Extended Battery- While making the smallest-in-class Bluetooth headphones, Jaybird also designed and tuned the product to operate using less power resulting in category-leading 8 hours of play time. Users can listen all day, or enjoy a full week of workout sessions. Jaybird calls this Battery HD“"'.


Enhanced Bluetooth Signal- X2 features what Jaybird calls SignalPlus“"', an innovative product architecture and antenna design that eliminates cross-body signal interference and dropout. lt's a significant breakthrough and meaningful benefit for active people who become Jaybird brand evangelists once they experience zero-signal-loss for themselves. 

Versatile Wear Options- X2's earphone housing is designed to allow the user to wear the product under-ear, or over-ear with reduced cord length through a cord management clip system. Jaybird calls this X-FitT"". 0ver-ear lifts the cord off the neck and provides the most liberating sports music experience. This has been a huge hit with runners as they acknowledge Jaybird's unique innovation around consumer insight. The under-ear wearing style offers users a non-sports looking product for a more traditional everyday use-case. This configuration is ideal for hands-free phone calls.


Secure Fit- Jaybird's patented redesigned ergonomic ear fins ensure the highest level of comfort and a superb fit for any activity. Sweat-Resistant- Improved sweat protection means that X2 takes Jaybird's legendary durability to the next level. All of X2's components are treated to ensure the highest standard of sweat resistance. Jaybird backs this up with a lifetime sweat proof warranty.

Comply Memory Foam Ear Tips- Jaybird has now included Premium Comply foam sport ear tips with X2. These tips are exclusively designed for Jaybird X2, delivering maximum noise isolation, fit, and comfort. X2 includes three sizes of Comply Sport memory foam ear tips, previously sold as an aftermarket accessory.


Software Updates- Per consumer preference, X2 software updates allow for seamless volume control and an uninterrupted listening experience.

Carrying Case- X2's redesigned sport silicone carrying case is big enough to fit buds and all in-box accessories comfortably and stylishly in a compact package.

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