WhatsApp introduces Cricket Stickers for Android

By Press Release | Published on 29 Apr 2019
WhatsApp introduces Cricket Stickers for Android

WhatsApp has launched Cricket Stickers for Android device, and has announced that the stickers will be available on iOS soon.

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In India, cricket is not just a sport but a bonafide religion. As a country that worships cricket, with a feverish intensity, the anticipation around the upcoming Indian Premier League is beyond imagination. No matter if you’re rooting for your favourite team or simply supporting your favourite players, the IPL fever is unavoidable and WhatsApp is no exception.

Stickers (and emoji alike!) have become a language of their own and help people find new ways to express their moods, reactions and experiences. Whether you are waiting for your team to start playing, celebrating your favorite player hitting a six or getting a century, there is a sticker to express those special moments by sharing them with other cricket lovers. 

Today, WhatsApp is introducing Cricket Stickers for Android (iOS coming soon) to offer fans in India an illustration for those special moments, with your friends and family. 

Download Cricket Stickers and amplify your cricket experience!

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