eSummit’17 annual entrepreneurial event to be held in IIT Kanpur from September 1

By Press Release | Published 29 Aug 2017 11:33 IST
  • The event is aimed at anyone looking to begin a startup or scale up their business. The event already has already lined up a number of speakers and will also host competitions and workshops.

eSummit’17 annual entrepreneurial event to be held in IIT Kanpur from September 1
eSummit’17 annual entrepreneurial event to be held in IIT Kanpur from September 1

The annual entrepreneurial event of IIT Kanpur, eSummit’17 is scheduled to begin soon. Aimed at anyone looking to begin a startup or scale up their business, the event already has already lined up a host of speakers from a variety of different backgrounds and fields. This includes the CEOs of ShareChat, GrabHouse, and CREO. Further, the event will be attended by like the liked of Dr. Sumit D. Chowdhury, Ex-President of Reliance Jio, Arvind Pradhan, CEO of Camaco LLC and many more.

Aside from this, the event will also host a number of competitions where participants get a chance to win equity less funding and incubation opportunities with total incentives of up to 10 lacs. Participants can also choose to attend workshops hosted by Focus Adventure, Ivy Cap Ventures and more. Registrations for the event are open till August 30 and the event is scheduled to start from September 1 and go on till September 3

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With the Annual Entrepreneurial Event of IIT Kanpur - eSummit’17, organized in association with SBERTC, just round the corner, we bring to you a glimpse of what it has in store for you. And there’s something for everyone – right from those who want a tryst with the entrepreneurial world to those looking to scale up their startups. And for those looking for motivation and inspiration to take the leap of faith, look no more, there are plenty of talks sessions, panel discussions and fireside chats with those who’ve taken the leap of faith and made it big. The inaugural ceremony would have a FireSide chat with the founders and CEOs of ShareChat, GrabHouse and CREO. 

Following that up the next day would be a one of its kind session on ‘Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Core Sector’ graced with the presence of Dr. Sumit D. Chowdhury (Ex-President, Reliance Jio), Arvind Pradhan (CEO, Camaco LLC), Samir Cairae (CEO Metals, Vedanta Resources) and Dhiraj Nayyar (Head Economics & Finance, NITI Aayog). So, right from the private to the public sector, this is a must attend for those who wish to pursue opportunities in core sectors of engineering and more. With increasing number of technology and software startups, saturation in the market is bound to be there, which is where the product driven startups would be the ones making it big.

Next up would be the founders of Intenshala (Sarvesh Agarwal), ShopClues (Sandeep Aggrawal) and Ixigo (Aloke Bajpai), along with the CTO of Samsung (Aloknath De), shedding light on the ‘Disruptions caused in the Startup World by Technology’ driven startups. Not forgetting the dynamic youth, there is a special feature with those who’ve made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list on their experiences in venturing out to solve problems that no one cared for so far such as crowdfunding for social ventures or an Uber for Jets. 

Apart from this exquisite line of speakers, there are a multitude of competitions where participants get a chance to network with the best of the best while taking away rewards such as equity less funding and incubation opportunities with total incentives of up to 10 lacs. There are quite a few fun filled competitions as well for participants who want a taste of entrepreneurship.

  • Pitch Ur Product: Opportunity to convert your raw idea, as basic as it can be, into a real market thing by analysing its feasibility and market potential.
  • Stock the Stock: A live stock trading competition, in which virtual stocks and virtual money will be provided, showcase your wit.
  • Decrypt: To test your ability to evaluate the market situation and solve the problems faced by entrepreneurs by analysing case-studies of different startups. 
  • Business Quiz: If you think you are familiar with business, markets and stuff, this quiz is definitely for you. It will be having tricky and informative questions to test your knowledge of the domain.
  • Upstart Biz: If you wish to give wings to your startup and soar high above the giants, this event will withstand your expectations. With several intense rounds of face-to-face screening, the finalists will be selected and mentored by an acclaimed panel. Get a chance to pitch your idea to investors, and an incubation opportunity at IIT Kanpur.

And for those looking to touch base with recent technologies and scale up their startups, there are handpicked workshops in store:

Design Thinking by Prakash Maheshwari from Focus Adventure

Engineering, medicine and business are concerned not with the necessary but with the contingent - not how things are but how they might be - in short, with design. Everyone who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones has to design and thus it’s essential to learn how to flex our thinking and be creative.

Fundraising for Startups by Ivy Cap Ventures

That’s the secret. Convince yourself that your start-up is worth investing in, and then when you explain this to investors, they’ll believe you.’ Learn the tips and tricks of raising funds for your startup, what is it exactly that investors look for and where to target your pitch.

Idea Evaluation and Validation by Commence Mint

Everyone believes their startup idea to be the greatest unparalleled idea in their own minds, and initial market research might even show this to be positive. But nevertheless, there are great ideas which fail without any apparent reason and never strike a chord with the customers. This is where idea validation and thorough evaluation become important 

Building Startups: From Ideas to Execution

This one would cover the A to Z of starting up, right from getting the right team to conducting market research and building a Business Plan. After all, there is way more than what meets the eye that goes into getting your startup up and running, including intricacies that you could never imagine.

Blockchain and Crytocurrency: Disruptions in the Financial Market

In the fast moving world of finance, bitcoin seems to be the latest addition and one which is here to stay. Blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency (among other things).  A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the Indian Rupee, but it digital and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds.

Registrations for the event are open till August 30th. Visit or mail at or call up +91 8085822338 for further details.

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