Panasonic launches SC-HT40GW-K and SC-HT20GW-K speakers in India

Panasonic launches SC-HT40GW-K and SC-HT20GW-K speakers in India

The 4.1 channel SC-HT40GW-K is priced at Rs. 7,590, while the 2.1 channel SC-HT20GW-K is priced at Rs. 5,990

Panasonic has two new multi-channel speaker system in India, SC-HT40GW-K and SC-HT20GW-K, priced at Rs. 7,590 and Rs. 5,990. The 4.1 channel SC-HT40GW-K comes with wall-mountable speakers and are Bluetooth enabled. The 2.1 channel SC-HT20GW-K comes with a Tall Boy speaker design. Panasonic says that both speakers offer the best-in-class sound experience, a compact subwoofer, and easy connections for all media devices.

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Panasonic has always been known for its quality products in the Audio-Video Segment. In its unrelenting pursuit of providing an enriching experience to music enthusiasts, Panasonic India has launched two new models of multi-channel speaker system in India. These Speaker Systems SC-HT40GW-K and SC-HT20GW-K offer best-in-class sound experience, a powerful compact subwoofer, and easy connections for all media devices. 

The stunningly powerful 80WRMS 4.1 SC-HT40GW and 60WRMS 2.1 SC-HT20GW speakers produce rich bass effect with perfect combination of vocal clarity. The handcrafted wooden cabinet enhances the bass effect. The 4.1Ch has modern sleek design with compact wall-mountable speakers while the 2.1Ch boasts of the famous Tall Boy speaker design, which is perfectly compatible with your 32” TV set. These along with large size magnets for impactful sound pressure make it an inevitable choice for the powerful music enthusiasts. The 4.1Ch speakers are Bluetooth enabled which provides enhanced audio experience in any ambience.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ashish Sasidharan, Product Head, Consumer Electronics, Panasonic India, said, “Over the years, we have witnessed the evolution of television industry from CRTs to flat panel as a result of new innovation and technology. As a result of this the TV cabinets got slimmer and slimmer leaving for very little space inside them, resulting in diminishing sound quality. To this effect, Panasonic India has made sustained efforts to bring globally customized products for enhancing the sound experience with the introduction of SC-HT40GW-K and SC-HT20GW-K speaker systems. Currently, the organized Audio market size is estimated to be 2.8 Million Units per year in 2016 and with this new launch we aim to capture 10% of the market share.”
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