BenQ announces two new dustproof projectors in India

BenQ announces two new dustproof projectors in India
  • Both the DX808ST and MW864UST projectors come with an international dustproof protection rating of IP5X, which BenQ claims helps the devices to endure dusty environments.

BenQ has announced two new projectors, the DX808ST and MW864UST in India priced at Rs 48,000 and Rs 1,10,000 respectively. The company says that the highlight of both projectors is that they are dustproof and employ BenQ Dust Guard technology with international dustproof protection rating of IP5X or better. The DX808ST and MW864UST projectors are priced at Rs 48,000 and Rs 1,10,000, respectively.

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BenQ, Internationally recognized leader of human technology provider in education, today announced two new dustproof projectors DX808ST & MW864UST in India. Committed to creating a healthy environment which is conducive to learning, BenQ delivers comprehensive interactive solutions for the classrooms which contain features that helps prevent eye-strain, fatigue and reduce the transmission of germs by touch.
“With the receding air quality in India, schools have been increasingly starting to implement smart solutions when it comes to imparting education. BenQ has been at the forefront providing interactive learning solutions with proper dustproof mechanisms which protects the health of faculty and students while creating a new learning experience for the students.” said said Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India.”
The air pollution level in Indian metropolis have reached an alarming rate. According to a report by the Central Pollution Control Board, more than 1800 municipal schools in Delhi have suspended classes in the last 6 months, with the level of PM 10 particle density in New Delhi reaching 844 microgram, far higher than the standard air quality. 
Classroom electronics like projectors have long been under the invisible threat of harmful dusts. Sandy playgrounds and the habit of opening classroom windows are increasing the concentration of harmful dusts in indoor environments. Schools in areas with high level of dust pollution are in dire need of a guarantee to long-lasting device reliability. Several kinds of pollutants (from PM 10 to PM 2.5) that fill the air can damage your classroom projectors.  According to BenQ, dust is the key factor leading to projectors failure thereby increasing the maintenance cost.
Class-Leading Dustproof Design: BenQ Dust Guard

Equipped with international dustproof protection rating of IP5X or better, the revolutionary BenQ Dust Guard technology utilizes sealed optical engine design, advanced color wheel sensors, and high-performance dust filters to block out particles up to the level of PM2.5, offering extended projection lifetime without color decay for superb lecture and presentation quality in the dustiest environments. Passing through a series of rigorous tests in a severe environment comprised of large amounts of fine dust, soot, and milled cotton lint, BenQ Dust Guard employs a three-prong system to protect projection performance and picture quality:
The new education projector series

Interactive education projector MW864UST is engineered to enhance sharing, interaction, and collaboration while simplifying installation and reducing total ownership costs with a filtered nearly-sealed optical engine to withstand severe dusty environments. As the world’s No. 1 DLP brand, MW864UST offers ultra-short throw projection with superb picture quality and high brightness for superior readability in well-lit classrooms.
BenQ DX808ST enhances reliability and minimize downtime with a comprehensive dustproof solution to protect key components of the projection engine from dust damage. With the latest BenQ Dust Guard dustproof technology, DX808ST greatly reduces maintenance costs with bright, fresh projection quality that endures for years.
BenQ DX808ST & MW864UST are priced at INR 48,000 and INR 1,10,000, respectively.
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