Barco introduces four projectors under the F80 series in India

Barco introduces four projectors under the F80 series in India
  • The devices can project images at a resolution of 4K UHD with their all-glass lenses and wide lens shift ranges.

Barco announces the launch of their F80 series of projectors in India. They claim of achieving sharp images while maintaining less latency, thanks to Single Step Processing (SSP). They also feature all-glass lenses and wide lens shift ranges for increased flexibility.

Read the complete press release below:

Digital technologies have disrupted the definition of customer experience – and today businesses are investing heavily to ensure that they can provide exceptional experiences to their customers. Barco, a leader in visualization and collaboration technology, as its commitment to enhance visual experiences, today announced the launch of its top-of-the-line professional series projectors – the F80 series, in India. It delivers a formidable image quality, unmatched performance, high reliability and efficiency.  
Designed for fixed installation in a wide range of applications such as in museums, Rental & staging, Convention centres, Hotel & casino, Houses of worship, Fashion retail, Automotive retail, Transit advertising, Electric utilities, Oil & gas, board rooms and small auditorium. Barco F80-Series projectors are also a perfect fit for theme park dark rides and interactive experiences as these offer unparalleled 3D experience.  
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ramya Chatterjee, Director-Sales of Barco Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd. said, “Businesses in the digital age value experience, efficiency and quality. They demand solutions that can offer more value to their customers. Our newly introduced, F80 series offers unprecedented business value, helps save cost on maintenance and offers the best installation flexibility. It is an obvious choice for heavy duty applications; applications that are run continuously or that are mission critical.” He also added, “The F80 series has also achieved unparalleled low noise performance & cost effectiveness. We have used advanced noise inspection tools, using noise cameras and spectrum analysis to optimize the noise timbre.”
The F80 series will have four projectors:
1. F80-Q7 (7000 lumens Brightness, WQXGA Resolution)
2. F80-4K7 (7000 lumens Brightness, 4K UHD Resolution)
3. F80-Q9 (9000 lumens Brightness, WQXGA Resolution)
4. F80-4K9 (9000 lumens Brightness, 4K UHD Resolution)
Superior image quality
The F80 Series Projectors deliver stunning image upto 4K UHD resolution with a high level of detail, and highly saturated colors that allow for accurate color reproduction at all times. What's more it features the powerful Barco Pulse processing that allows for sharper images and less latency thanks to its Single Step Processing (SSP).
Unprecedented business value
With F80 series projectors one can increase uptime while driving costs down. Through its laser-phosphor light source and advanced cooling design, it provides a long operating time without need for lamp changes – resulting in considerable cost-savings on maintenance and consumables.
Ultimate installation flexibility
The F80 series projectors give more flexibility in projector location and orientation as it can run in any orientation. Thanks to its wide array of all-glass lenses and wide lens shift ranges, the F80 accommodates almost any projector configuration. 
High value and Low TCO
F80 series has a complex and robust build and construction, resulting in very little maintenance requirements and in-life servicing. There are no user serviceable parts inside, and it does not have any filters or other parts that need periodical replacement. Therefore, it does not require a costly and high frequency maintenance contract. In total, F80 is a very cost effective projector over time, resulting in a very low cost of ownership.
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