Samsung launches new range of smart TVs in India, prices start at Rs 24,900

Samsung launches new range of smart TVs in India, prices start at Rs 24,900

Samsung launches new range of smart TVs in India

Prices for the TVs start at Rs 24,900

The smart TVs are available in panel sizes ranging from 32-inches to 82-inches

Samsung has launched its new range of Smart TVs in India. The TVs start at Rs 24,900, and panel sizes range from 32-inches to 82-inches. The new TVs come with features such as Home Cloud, Live Cast, Two Way Sharing and more. 

“Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Samsung India stated, “At Samsung, we believe in creating an ecosystem, to provide users with unique solutions that enhance the consumer’s experience and enrich their lifestyle. The latest Smart TV range caters to the needs of our consumers with a host of never-seen-before features such as Personal Computer, Music System, Home Cloud, Live Cast and Two Way Sharing. With Samsung’s commitment to deliver best in class products, these Smart TVs will redefine the consumer experience.”

The features of the new Samsung smart TVs include ‘Personal Computer’ which the company says allows buyers to use the TV like a PC. Buyers will be able to create documents or work from the cloud. They can also mirror the contents of the laptop screen to their Smart TV screen without an internet connection. Further, users will be able to remotely access their laptop or PC from any location over the internet. Samsung notes that the TVs are secured with Knox and offers access to Microsoft Office 365 services over the cloud. User’s can also use the Smart TVs to play music and have the option to add visual elements. 

Samsung says that its new smart TVs can be used to create a Home Cloud. Photos and videos from the smartphone are transferred automatically and wirelessly without an internet connection to a USB drive connected to the TV. This drive is then password protected. The company noted that the content can then be shared wirelessly to other smartphones via the TV.

The Live Cast feature of the TVs allow users to stream video from their smartphone to their TV via the internet. The Two Way Sharing feature allows sharing of content between the TV and smartphone. This allows users to play music and videos from their smartphone to the TV, or watch content from the TV on their smartphones. Samsung also noted that all the new smart TVs comes with Smart Hub, which gives users a single access point to live TV, apps and other sources of content. 

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