Webcam for OnePlus smart TVs rumoured to launch in India in May

Webcam for OnePlus smart TVs rumoured to launch in India in May

The webcam will have a USB Type-C port along with a built-in mic.

It is also expected to have a physical shutter to cover the lens.

The camera will be compatible with all OnePlus TVs except the 32-inch Y1.

Information circulating the internet suggests that OnePlus could launch a plug and play webcam for the OnePlus TV soon. The upcoming webcam is expected to be bundled with future OnePlus TVs. Speaking of backwards compatibility, the upcoming camera is expected to work with the 55-inch OnePlus U1 (review), 43-inch OnePlus Y1 and the OnePlus QLED TVs. It will not work with the OnePlus Y1 32-inch TV. There is no reason or explanation available as to why the webcam will not be compatible with the 32-inch TV.

OnePlus TV webcam speculated features

The OnePlus plug and play webcam for the smart TVs is expected to have a built-in mic. It is also expected to have a USB-C port. It will also feature a shutter to cover the lens when not in use. The webcam for the OnePlus TVs is expected to launch sometime in May. It isn't clear if there will be any other accessories or announcement of new TVs from the company by then. 

Recently, TCL launched the P725 TV that comes with a webcam in the box. Users can hook up the camera to the TV and make video calls using Google Duo with up to 32 people. The camera comes with a shutter that can hide the camera lens when it is not in use – a handy feature for those with privacy concerns. Users can also unplug the camera if they want. The TCL P725 is the first TV in India to run on Android 11 and you can check out all the specifications and features of the P725 here

TCL’s upcoming TVs, which will launch in India in May – the TCL C725 and C825 will also come with a webcam in the box. You can learn more about the TCL TVs here

Back in 2019, we saw the Honor Vision TV with a webcam integrated into the TV. You can catch all the details of the Honor Vision here


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