OnePlus TV update brings with it improved Netflix connectivity and fixes MX Player installation error

OnePlus TV update brings with it improved Netflix connectivity and fixes MX Player installation error

The update for the OnePlus TV will come at the beginning of June as an OTA update.

The information about the update comes via the OnePlus Blog.

The update also brings with it support for third-party AirPlay service apps.

If you are a OnePlus TV owner, then there is some news for you. There is a new update that will hit the OnePlus TV at the beginning of June, which should be any day now. This update will be the OnePlus TV OTA4. The OnePlus Blog reads, “We experienced some bugs with the release of OnePlus TV OTA 3 and we apologise for the inconvenience caused to all OnePlus TV users. We appreciate and value your patience on the whole matter”. So what does the OTA4 update for the OnePlus TV bring? Well, here is a look at the changelog. 

  • Match the setting value of Color Space, Brightness and MEMC with actual display effect more accurately.
  • Enhanced Ultra Smooth effect to make it more obvious in the display.
  • Corrected the version rollback issues of certain downloaded apps after OTA upgrade.
  • Improved the experience around Netflix server connectivity.
  • Fixed the MX Player installation error.
  • Added support for third-party AirPlay service apps.

It looks like OnePlus TV users were facing an issue with streaming from Netflix, and the issue will be resolved in the OTA4 update. MX player is another app that was trowing up an installation error and it looks that is fixed too. If you haven’t received the update for your OnePlus TV then don't worry. OnePlus says, “OTA will be incremental, which will reach a small percentage of users on the first day, and followed with a broader rollout in a few days”.

If you are impatient to get the new update, then OnePlus has you covered. OnePlus Says, “If you guys can't wait to update your TV software version, please send out your Serial Number to me(How to get Serial Number: enter Settings< More Settings< About< Status< Serial Number), and we can send out an early version of OTA(under testing) to your TV”.

In India, the OnePlus TV has a premium pricing with the Q1 Pro costing nearly 1 lakh rupees. At launch, the TV had a great design and sound output but lacked in the picture department. You can check out our review in the video below. 

In other OnePlus TV news, it looks like the brand is all set to launch a new TV or TVs. A new OnePlus TV along with the remote control have been spotted on Bluetooth SIG. The listings have the names “1+ LED TV” and “1+ Remote Control”. You can read more about the rumoured TV here.

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