Nokia to launch 50-inch and 32-inch TV in India: Report

Nokia to launch 50-inch and 32-inch TV in India: Report
  • The information about the 50-inch and 32-inch Nokia TV comes from the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification.

  • The 50-inch and 32-inch TVs have the model number 50TAUHDN and 32TAHDN, respectively.

  • It is expected that the TVs will be smart TVs running on Android.

If information circulating the internet is to be believed, then Nokia could add 2 new TVs to its portfolio in India. As per a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification, it looks like Nokia could launch a 50-inch and 32-inch TV In India. The first Nokia TV to launch in India was the 55-inch TV followed by a 43-inch TV and last week we saw the launch of a 65-inch TV as well in Nokia’s portfolio. 

As per the listing, the 50-inch TV and the 32-inch TV have the model number 50TAUHDN and 32TAHDN. The UHD in the model number of the 50-inch TV signifies that it could be a 4K TV just like the other TVs in Nokia’s portfolio. However, it looks like the 32-inch variant could be an HD or FHD TV as the model number has “HD” only in its name. To put things into perspective, the Nokia 43-inch TV has the model number 43CAUHDN, while the 55-inch variant has the model number 55CAUHDN and the 65-inch variant carries the model number 65CAUHDN. 

Just like the other TVs in Nokia’s portfolio, it is possible that the new 50-inch and 32-inch TV will run on the Android TV platform, bringing with it access to streaming services built-in, along with access to features like Chromecast built-in, Google Assistant support and access to the Play Store.

With the addition of a 32-inch and 50-inch TV, Nokia will compete over a wide range of screen sizes in the buzzing TV space. What remains to be seen is whether the two new additions bring with them the same design and features as the existing portfolio including the central stand, and the audio powered by JBL

Nokia 50-inch and 32-inch TV expected price

The key piece of unknown information is the price at which these TVs could launch. Since the 55-inch Nokia TV sells for Rs 41,999 it could be possible for Nokia to sell the TV under the 40K price point. It could even be priced close to the 35K mark to compete with existing models with a 50-inch screen size. Coming to the 32-inch variant, we have TVs for as low as Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 in this price space and we think this could be where Nokia may price its 32-inch TV. However, these prices are just speculation on our part as there is no official information available about the same. 

As mentioned above, Nokia recently launched a 65-inch TV in India. It is a 4K HDR TV with support for HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. The panel has a maximum brightness of 480 nits. It runs on Android and comes with access to the Play Store, streaming services, Chromecast built-in along with the Google Assistant. You can read more about the 65-inch TV here. You can also read details of the 43-inch Nokia TV here and the 55-inch Nokia TV here.


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