Apple may be running out of time to figure out how to embed Touch ID on iPhone 8: Analysts

Apple may be running out of time to figure out how to embed Touch ID on iPhone 8: Analysts
  • The phone is tipped to come with an OLED display that would cover the whole screen, and as per analysts, Apple has till August to finalise and produce a sensor that would work while under the display

It seems like Apple is running out of time if it plans to embed a touch ID sensor below the display of the Apple iPhone 8. Barron’s has compiled a report by three market analysts from KeyBlac Capital Markets, which notes that the company has till August to get its Touch ID to work under the display, with the same speed and accuracy as its standard Touch ID sensor. To recall, the new phone is tipped to come with an OLED display that may take up the entire front of the phone.

As per their note, the company is struggling to produce a fingerprint sensor that works while under a display. Previous reports had suggested that the company was planning to introduce its technology with the tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone. However, if the company fails to produce one by August, then the phone might end up getting delayed. As per the report, it typically takes 12 weeks from placing the order for fingerprint ICs and embedding them in the device during production. 

The report also notes that as time progresses, Apple may indeed choose to abandon the Touch ID sensor and rely solely on facial recognition. However, the analysts believe that facial recognition would not be initially qualified as an acceptable verification method for Apple Pay. This could mean that the Apple iPhone 8 may not support the company’s payment system at the time of launch. 

In a separate report, John Gruber of believes that the new iPhone may end up being priced at $1,200 (approx. Rs 77,400). It should be noted that in the US, the 128GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus is priced at $969 (approx. Rs 62,500). 

It should also be noted that Qualcomm recently unveiled its new Fingerprint Sensor technology at MWC Shanghai. The new system can work through displays or glass and metal. The company also demonstrated the technology in a modified Vivo XPlay 6 phones. 

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