Useful dongles for iPhone users

Useful dongles for iPhone users

With the introduction of the lightning connector, Apple devices opened up a whole new ecosystem for accessory manufacturers. And after the iPhone 7, Apple stopped giving headphone dongles so you really need a few to make the most of your Apple device. Starting from connecting your MacBook Air to the internet or for copying pictures from your SD card to the device or to play your favourite music playlist – you need dongles.

When it comes to selecting the most effective and useful dongle for your Apple device, many users get confused. Apple dongles come with plenty of stuff to perform, that users must pay heed to before buying a dongle. This is why we have come out with this list of the following hi-performing dongles for your personal and professional use.

Microware SD CF Adapter

Microware SD Adapter comes with plenty of features. It has full compatibility with iOS 9.0 and can support up to iOS 12 without any hassle. It comes with multiple functionalities; 4-in-1 SD Card Reader with 2 Card slots (1 each for SD Card and Micro SD Card), 1 charging port, and 1 USB Port. You can use the gadget to connect your keywords, cameras, and other devices. Also, you can easily charge your Apple devices using the same gadget. Microware SD CF has an easy plug-and-play option that facilitates easy data transfer from the SD card to your device. It supports up to 64GB and has a data transfer speed of 16MB/S.

Apple MFi Certified Lightning to HDMI AV Adapter

Get 1080P HD picture quality output when you connect your Apple MFi Certified Lightning adapter to TV or projector. You can easily install the adapter in a few seconds through its lightning charging cable by pressing the ‘Trust’ button. Apple MFi Certified adapter has compatibility with iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini-series that come with 8-pins interface devices. Apple MFi Certified adapter also supports several apps like Quickflix, ABC, NBC, and MS office. The device is very lightweight and well-designed and can be easily carried around in your pocket. 

Microware Newest for HDTV 

Microware Newest HDTV adapter offers superior HDMI output with high resolution. It supports 1080 VGA and HDMI quality. It comes in Sandblasting Aluminum Alloy Material that keeps it water-resistant and scratch-free. The gadget comes with a thick gold-plated interface. It is fully compatible with TV, monitor, and projector. Microware Newest for HDTV offers instant connectivity with your charger through a USB cable. The adapter supports full compatibility up to iOS 9.0 to iOS 11. It’s highly ideal for office goers and busy people who are looking for a quality adapter with plenty of features and functions.  

Casemantra® Lightning Charge Splitter Adapter

Casemantra® Lightning Charge Splitter Adapter comes with a simultaneous listening-and-charging facility. You can easily listen to music while the adapter is being charged. Casemantra adapter supports full compatibility up to iOS 11 on various devices. It produces a 24-bit audio high-quality with a maximum 48Khz output with Apple Lightning Earpods and other headphones with a microphone. The gadget comes in a well-built body with its innovative 90-degree design. It comes in a well-designed and stylish body weighing just around 100g and has a dimension of 6x3x6cm.
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