Universal remotes with IR Blaster and Wi-Fi remote for all home appliances

Universal remotes with IR Blaster and Wi-Fi remote for all home appliances

Wouldn’t it be so magical if you could control all your home appliances with one single remote? This out of the ordinary creation is none other than the universal IR blaster remote control, which can hook up everything- from your AC to your washing machine, from your PC to your TV, all to a single remote, letting you control them freely. Universal remote controls come with an IR receiver, along with Wi-Fi functionality to extend the use you can get out of the remote. So, if you want to transform your home into one remote-controlled house, here are some of the best universal remote controls with IR blasters and Wi-Fi remotes. 

LIFELONG WiFi All-in-One Smart Universal Remote 

This smart all in one universal remote is the last remote control you need in your house. It can link up with your TV, air conditioner, speakers, home theatre systems and DTH set-top boxes, making for highly convenient usage, and extreme ease of use. You simply need to download the app onto your smartphone and you’re good to go. Since it can be linked to home voice assistants, you can simply speak out commands to your home appliances as you like. It also lets you set schedules for appliances. 

KAMONK Smart Universal Remote

Here’s a great Wi-Fi-enabled smart universal remote. It is compact and can sit on your TV cabinet even if it happens to be very crowded. With this appliance, you can control your AC, home theatre system, set-top box, TV, and other electronic devices that are smart. iPhone users can benefit from this as it comes with Siri integration which makes for easy voice control. It can also connect to all other voice assistants which make your job even easier. You can customize the remote options and shake up the way it works and what it does for you. 

Zebronics Zeb-IR Blaster

If you’re on a budget but still want to control all your home appliances through a single remote, this is a great universal remote. It has a large IR hub, which lets you control it from any angle using an IR blaster remote control. Thanks to its small plastic body, you can place it anywhere in the house, preferably at the centre of your home appliances if you wish to control them. The remote control comes with a host of functionality and even lets you set timers and perform complex functions on appliances. 

IFITech IR Control Hub

Planning on grouping a set of appliances to work together? This is the IR control hub that you need. It can connect and group several appliances to enable them to work together at the same time. This means that you need to give the command only once to get the result you want on multiple devices. This can be used to connect multiple ACs, TVs and more to a single IR controller. You can control it using Alexa, Wi-Fi, voice or the included remote. All in all, this makes your home the complete smart hub.

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