Twitter launches beta testing app “twttr”

By Digit NewsDesk | Published on 12 Mar 2019
  • The app is aimed at users wanting to try out new features on Twitter.

Twitter launches beta testing app “twttr”


  • Twitter launches beta testing app “twttr”.
  • It will let testers get a hands-on experience of the Twitter conversations features before the mass rollout.
  • There's no non-disclosure agreement for those who will be selected to use the app

Twitter has launched a new beta app “twttr” designed to let people (those who enroll in the programme) to test upcoming Twitter features that make tweets “easier to read, understand, and join conversations.” Interestingly, the company has used the name “twttr”, which was the original codename of the project. It could be to imply that the company is starting from the scratch and will only roll out features that testers approve.

The development was first reported during CES in Las Vegas in January. The company said that the company would soon launch a beta programme that will let the testers get their hands on the Twitter conversations features before they are released to the masses. While anyone can apply to join the beta programme, only a few thousand users will actually be shortlisted to get enrolled in it.

There's no non-disclosure agreement for those who will be selected to use the app, which means that one will be allowed to discuss the new features with others. The first version of the new beta has introduced new designs for how conversations take place on Twitter, including varying colour schemes and highlighting important replies. “It’s kind of a new take on our thinking about product development,” Sara Haider, Twitter’s Director of Product Management said about the introduction of the colour previously.

She said that a prominent reason to introduce this feature is because “we know we’re making changes that are pretty significant.” The colour coded replies on new conversations will enable users to distinguish between a tweet’s original poster, replies on it from the people they follow, and from others whom they don’t follow. In an image of the new beta app, the replies to a tweet from known people were highlighted in green, and the user’s own replies and replies from non-followers were in blue.

Reportedly, Twitter said that the first group of testers will receive an email invite in a few days. Once received, users have to confirm their participation, and then await another email invite from Apple’s TestFlight, an online service for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications, currently owned by Apple, Inc. Those selected can then download the new app and use it instead of the main Twitter app.

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