Top air coolers you can buy for your living room

Top air coolers you can buy for your living room

If your home is uncomfortably hot, chances are you’ve already considered doing something about it since nobody likes the sweltering heat all day. However, it might be difficult to find the right balance between all your needs. An AC can cool well but is not portable and costs more to run. However, a cooler can be budget-friendly while also capable of being rolled around from room to room. Additionally, modern designs make them efficient at cooling too. To help you pick one for your home, we’ve curated some great models available on Amazon from leading brands based on their features and specifications.

KENSTAR A5X 50Litre Air Cooler

The A5X RE cooler from Kenstar features a slim and compact design for your home. Its Honeycomb Cooling Pads aim for maximum cooling efficiency with its 50L tank capacity. The 9.1m air throw distance can cover most average-sized rooms effectively. This is powered by its large 40.6cm ABS fan, which is also designed to be durable. The Roto Swing feature helps the cooler push the air to all corners of the room equally. With its light net weight of 15kg and the included wheels on the body, the A5X cooler is easy to move around between rooms.

Hindware Snowcrest ARCTIC 90L Desert Cooler

The Hindware Snowcrest Arctic cooler comes with a water level indicator, and so you don’t have to guess the amount of water left in your cooler tray. It also features a built-in cord winding system, which helps you easily store it once you’re done using the cooler. The model aims for a 447 cubic metre coverage and 13m air throw. This makes it suitable for use in most rooms without compromising on the expected comfort. If you rely on an inverter for power backup, the Snowcrest Arctic can function smoothly with an inverter power source as well. The castor wheels promise extra durability.

Symphony Touch 80 Room Air Cooler

The Symphony Touch Cooler doubles up as a purification device as well. Its i-Pure technology features filters for dust, smell, bacteria and allergens, delivering cool and clean air for your home. Separate controls for fan speed and operational mode gives you the ability to fine-tune your comfort. The Cooling Knob lets you pick between Cool, Cool+Swing and Swing for additional customisation. To ensure even cooling, the model features a Cool Flow Dispenser. Its water pump is designed with Dura-pump technology for robustness and a longer lifespan. The design of the Symphony Touch allows you to use it with equal efficiency indoors and outdoors.

Voltas 4810083 Desert Cooler

The Turbo Air Flow of the Voltas Desert Cooler ensures a comfortable ambience for most rooms. The design of its Honeycomb cooling pads aims for greater water retention and higher cooling efficiency. You can switch the fan speed at up to three levels for greater control over its performance. Its oscillating swing functionality spreads the cool air uniformly across the room. The included water level indicator keeps you updated about when it needs a refill. Its 52L capacity ensures that this happens infrequently. The model features durable wheels that are placed to balance its weight uniformly, making it safe to move its 108cm tall body from room to room.

Kenstar Turbocool – RE Air Cooler

The Kenstar Turbocool RE air cooler comes with a Smart Remote Control for easy operation. It allows you to control the fan speed without needing to step up to the cooler every time. The 9.8m air throw helps its cooling reach all corners of the room. It features a smart humidity control that helps regulate the amount of moisture around you. The model also has a system restore function which brings it back online after a power cut. Its unique grille design and wood wool cooling pads aim for maximum efficiency. The Air Flow knob allows you to adjust the direction of the cool air for the best results.

Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler

The 70L tank capacity of the Symphony Siesta air cooler eliminates the need for frequent water tank refills. Its i-Pure technology cleans the air while cooling it. The combination of high-efficiency honeycomb pads and a powerful fan promises maximum comfort for your home. It also has the Cool Flow Dispenser technology to help cool air reach all parts of the room uniformly. The model consumes only 150 watts of power, so it should not significantly impact your power bill. The pair of knobs at the top always keep the controls accessible to you. The four castor wheels enable easy movement for the cooler.

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