Top air coolers for medium and large-sized rooms

Top air coolers for medium and large-sized rooms

Want to feel cool throughout the summer without ending up with a high electricity bill? All you have to do is invest in any of these top coolers built for large and medium-sized rooms. These coolers can add moisture to the air, and this should ensure that you don’t feel dry despite the constant flow of cold air. Check out these options that are available on Amazon. 

Natural Air Cooler Combo Desert Air Cooler

The Natural Air Cooler comes with multiple handy features, such as easy-to-remove wood wool pads, an ice chamber and castor wheels that ensure you can conveniently move this heavy appliance from one place to another. In summer, when the air cooler has to be shifted to different rooms in the house, the wheels should be extremely handy. This air cooler is also designed to use less electric power as it runs on the operating cost of a fan, according to the brand. This will allow you to worry less about your electrical bills and enjoy the cold breeze from the Natural air cooler. The cooler is also equipped with a powerful 12-inch fan with five wings and a specially designed grill, which should ensure better air throw and faster cooling. This air cooler has an additional water/ice chamber that helps you fill the ice in the water tank. It comes fitted with 3-side wood wool Cooling Pads to ensure effective cooling.

Mccoy 70 L Desert Air Cooler

The McCoy Marine 70-litre air cooler is a desert air cooler designed for outdoor areas and large-sized rooms. The brand assures customers that the air coolers are completely suitable for dry climate regions. One can enjoy some of their special features like the inverter friendliness, water level indicator, and the air delivery rate of 3600 Cu.m/hr with different fan speeds. These features should let you enjoy the cold breeze even in the hottest and driest of places. The brand claims that the air cooler consumes only 195 Watts of power, allowing you to run the machine throughout the day to beat the harsh weather. It has four caster wheels for easy movement. It comes with a double ball bearing for powerful air delivery, and this is supposed to make the cooling much faster. It has a motorised vertical louvre movement to push the cold air right in your direction and for better ventilation around the room. The body of the cooler is made up of high-strength engineering plastic that makes it corrosion free and shockproof. 

V-Guard AIKIDO F85 Desert Air Cooler

The V-Guard promises to end your search for a highly efficient desert cooler that requires reduced refills. This air cooler is perfect if you need it to cool large spaces. The air cooler offers 15.2 meters of air throw and fast air delivery to ensure cooling for large spaces in and around your house. The 85 litres of tank capacity on the cooler should translate to fewer refills, which means you are not frequently required to fill up the tank for consistent operation. Furthermore, its thicker cellulose honeycomb cooling pads clam to provide long-lasting cooling. These features work in tandem to deliver uninterrupted cooling for many hours. Add to that is motorised vertical louvre movement, easily openable cooling pads, thermal overload protection, and you have a large space, dependable and hassle-free desert air cooler.

Symphony Jumbo 65 DB Desert Air Cooler

With the soaring temperature, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay calm and relaxed in summers. If major cooling is the need of the hour, the Symphony Jumbo 65 DB air cooler might be perfect as it claims to be your one-stop solution. It consists of a big water tank capacity of almost 61-litre, has a larger cooling pad area and delivers smooth air movement. The Symphony Jumbo 65DB is claimed to be a high-performance desert air cooler for your home, designed to be used for hot and dry weather conditions. It comes with an elegant design for people who don't compromise on the looks for better cooling. It comes fitted with 3-side cooling pads, which ensures effective cooling. It only consumes 235 watts of energy and is suitable for your rooms sized up to 92 cubic meters. The pump of the cooler works on the dura-pump technology, which should be durable. The powerful double blower, cool flow dispenser, and automatic vertical swing should ensure better air throw and cool your entire room. 

V-Guard Whiz Air VGD65H Desert Cooler

The V-Guard Whiz Air is a desert cooler is packed with a wide range of features to make it your all-in-one cooler during the challenging hot and dry weather. The cooling pad is claimed to offer better cooling levels at all times and should aid in providing uniform distribution of air all through the room. This means all you have to do is switch on the air cooler and plant yourself on the couch or bed until you have to leave because this air cooler claims to reach you wherever you are in the room. The 65-litre tank capacity also allows you to enjoy uninterrupted cooling for a long period of time. It also comes with Corrosion Resistant Fan Blades that should ensure that the air cooler is durable and protects the fan blades from getting damaged during humid weather conditions.
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