Top air brushes for convenient styling

Top air brushes for convenient styling

Whether you have a date night planned or have an important business meeting to attend but have no time to visit a salon for giving your hair that perfectly styled look, worry no more because with an air brush styler, you can easily and conveniently style your hair at home. These stylers come in a simple brush design but are equipped with many innovative features to give your hair a beautiful and shiny look to match every occasion. If you want to achieve a salon-styled look at home, keep reading to know more about some top air brushes available on Amazon.

Philips HP8672/00 air styler

This Philips HP8672/00 air styler comes with a narrow concentrator to provide you with a focused airflow for precise styling. The two flexible heat and speed settings give you total control over the airflow so that you can set the right intensity to suit your hair. With thermoprotect technology, you get a safe experience while using the air styler as it protects it from overheating and protects your hair from heat damage. It comes with a volumiser attachment which is uniquely designed to create volume from the roots and enhance your hairstyle. This air brush creates an optimum heat level to give gentle drying to your hair.

Babyliss 2735E air hair styler

The Babyliss 2735E air hair styler comes with ionic technology, which provides an antistatic airflow to your hair to give it a shiny and frizz-free look. The rotary system features a rotating boar bristle brush for easy and convenient styling. With 1000 watts of power, this air brush gives you fast drying and styling so that you get beautifully styled hair even when you are in a hurry. The 2 temperature settings give complete control over the airflow, and the cool shot at the end of styling ensures that the hairstyle is set and stays for a prolonged duration. The styler comes with 4 settings which can be used for 4 different hair types, including waves, loose curls, tight curls and very tight curls. The swivel cord provides easy and free movement for convenient styling.

QSHIXLE hot air brush

This QSHIXLE hot air brush features a 3-in-1 design that enables it to work as a hair straightener, hair dryer, and hair curler to give you a one-stop solution for creating a variety of hair styles to suit your look every occasion. It releases negative ions that increase the moisture of the hair, reduce damage, nourish hair, and make them healthy and soft, giving them a smooth and shiny look. The adjustable speed and heat give styling flexibility, and the 1000W power provides just the right heat for quick yet gentle drying and styling. This hot air brush offers 4 gear positions, including high, low, cool and off. These positions can be changed based on your hair type—high for thick hair, low for fine or damaged hair and cool to set the hairstyles for a prolonged duration.

FROXY hot air brush

This FROXY hot air brush comes with a high and low-speed adjustment which allows you to set the speed and intensity of the airflow to best suit your hair type. This protects your hair from damage and gives it a smooth and silky look. You can use this hot air brush as a styler volumiser and dryer to get salon styled hair at the comfort of your home without much hassle. The ergonomic design of this device features a handle that is comfortable yet firm to grip so that you can use it conveniently every day for styling your hair. The rotatory tooth switch and 360 degrees rotation tail line provide easy and flexible movement for a comfortable styling experience.
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