PS5 games with amazing graphics

PS5 games with amazing graphics

The PS5 is a highly capable console that can render rich and detailed environments at high frame rates and incredible visual fidelity. This is thanks to the embedded custom AMD made APU. It has a combined 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and VRAM and cab ably handle intense graphics. All of this allows for an immersive gaming experience. So, here are some PS5 games with amazing graphics. 


Despite its slightly animated art style, it has high fidelity graphics, life-like alien worlds, and serene vistas. There is lots of volumetric fog to be found, detailed environments, high draw distance, dense particle effects, realistic reflections, and impeccable lighting. These look really good, especially when played with 60FPS and ray tracing mode. There are interactive environments, bizarre weapons and sci-fi lands. The game has many platforming zones that encourage exploration and combat arenas where you can dodge and deal damage. The game takes advantage of the fast PS5 SSD- there are no loading screens either. 

Marvel's Spiderman Miles Morales

Take on New York from the skies and play as Miles Morales – the other Spiderman. The game has realistic reflections, and a detailed world, with a city that feels alive. At night, you can see buildings and the environment rendered in real-time. When webbing across buildings, you feel a sense of thrill and excitement. The game has good combat, and Spiderman is well equipped to deal with foes. 

Demon's Souls

Here’s a game with a mystical, dark overtone, with a medieval art style that incorporates paranormal elements. The graphics are well designed, immersing you in this challenging world. The game needs you to know your weapons and deal with enemies. There are narrow pathways and hidden corridors, secret bosses, and locations at many turns. It is certainly a journey worth experiencing and has you venturing on a quest to capture the Souls of Demons to restore the natural balance. 

Horizon Forbidden West

One of the best showcases of the potential of the PS5, Horizon Forbidden West presents a densely packed, highly detailed, open world. The world is populated with mostly hostile machines. The world this time around is bigger and more open to exploration – you can climb almost anything and even swim underwater for a long time. All of these various locations in the world are well made and offer a sense of adventure and high fidelity graphics. Depending on whether you want smoother combat or better visuals, you can play the game at 4K 30FPS or 60FPS.