Microsoft is fixing bug on Skype app for Android that answered calls automatically

By Digit NewsDesk | Published 03 Apr 2019 14:36 IST
  • Reportedly, the calls on Skype for Android were auto answered even if the feature was disabled.

Microsoft is fixing bug on Skype app for Android that answered calls automatically
Microsoft is fixing bug on Skype app for Android that answered calls automatically


  • A bug in Skype for Android is auto answering voice and video calls.
  • The auto-answering is working even if the feature is disabled.
  • Microsoft is reportedly working on a fix.

Skype was once the go-to app for people if they wanted to video call their friends and families, but with the rise of WhatsApp, Google Duo, among other apps that support video calling, Skype lost its ground and pivoted towards enterprise users. It could see thinning of its users due to a bug that is auto-answering the voice as well as the video calls on the Android version of the app. Several Skype users have complained that even though the auto answer feature is disabled, the app would still answer the call. Reportedly, Microsoft is fixing the bug.

The bug was first reported in January on Microsoft’s forum. “My Skype on my phone automatically answers calls after a few seconds. This is even when my phone is in my pocket. It started happening since a few weeks. Skype version: In the settings I have disabled answer incoming calls automatically. How can I stop my phone from answering automatically?” the user complained.

To this, a Microsoft support team member gave numerous ways to get things straight for the victim but given the trail of messages on the forum, none of the solutions provided by the team member worked for complainant. Microsoft later said that it will have this issue investigated. Meanwhile, a second trail started in which a temporary solution to the problem has been discussed.

A person says that people who have reported auto-answering issues were having a smartwatch paired with their Android devices. “This may be due to a configuration on the watch possibly aided by a change in the application. You can always try a preview release for Android to see if anything changes,” the person said. Interestingly, the solution have worked for some, while others have said they want to switch to another Skype-like app.

A similar bug was discovered on iOS devices that lets a caller listen in on people's conversations when the call hasn’t even been answered by receiver. The bug in question affected Apple’s FaceTime and even gave one the ability to hear the audio of the receiver even before the call has been answered. It was due to this bug that FaceTime users can listen in on each other discreetly.

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