Landline phones with caller-ID for your home

Landline phones with caller-ID for your home

Landline phones may seem like a thing of the past, but they are still useful and have a place in this technologically advanced world. They are highly useful in office environments, call centres and even at home. They are not as versatile as our cellular phones, but they are pretty deft and reliable when handling calls. They are simple to use, offer dependable voice clarity, and aren’t as distracting as smartphones. So, if you are considering buying one, here are some of the top landline phones you can pick from. 

Panasonic KX-TG3821SXB 2.4 GHz DIGITAL Cordless Telephone

Here is a cordless telephone that’s ideal for large homes. It is a great choice to pick up a landline phone because you can roam around the house as you talk on the cordless phone. This Panasonic telephone doesn’t tie you down to a table and a chair, making it ideal for home usage. It connects to its base stand via a 2.4GHz network, which ensures that you can stay connected even if you’re several rooms away from the stand. This telephone comes with not one but two LCD displays, which is quite a handy feature- there’s one on the cordless handset itself and another one on the base stand. These displays show you where the call is coming from, and you can decide whether to answer it or not. Incidentally, the telephone can store up to 100 of your contacts using onboard memory. 

Beetel Fixed Wireless Phone

This landline telephone is built with a few things in mind – longevity, clarity in speech and hearing, and simple operation. It features a robust design that is fairly tried and tested. It even comes with an antenna, a part of the design which helps it receive and transmit calls with ease. This is a high-performance TNC antenna, which helps improve sound quality and the stability of phone calls made. Furthermore, it houses an LCD screen, which shows you vital call information such as the caller’s number or the name even if you have the contact stored in the telephone memory. The phone has a capacity of 1000 contact names. What’s more is that it features two SIM card slots, so that you can use the landline phone with two separate numbers if needed. 

Alcatel T-56 Corded Landline Phone with Caller Id and Hands-free Function

This is one of the best landline phones you can pick up for the home or office environment. It is highly cost-effective, easy to use and has a good set of features for a landline phone. These key features include a hands-free function, a numeric display along with caller ID, so you always know who is calling you – this can come in useful for a lot of reasons. Furthermore, it also has a redial button, so if a call ends too short, you can hit the button and call them right back. It also has an inbuilt memory, which can store several phone numbers and addresses. Apart from that, using the speakerphone, you can talk without putting the handset to your ear. There are also 4 memory buttons that you can assign to frequent dials. 

Beetel M73 Caller ID Corded Landline Phone 

This one is a landline phone with a caller ID for all the hipsters out there. It features a retro design, much like the rotary dial phones of yore. However, instead of the numerical dial, you get a circular number pad, along with an LCD which acts as the caller ID in the middle of the dial. Looks alone are compelling enough to make you pick up this landline telephone. On the dial, you also get a set of control buttons aside from the numbers, which can be used to insert special characters into numbers, useful when talking to call centre representatives and in several other cases. The caller ID helps you identify the person who is calling, and it also has adjustable ringing, using which you can change the caller tone and the loudness.