Grooveshark music streaming service shuts down

Grooveshark music streaming service shuts down
  • Music sharing and streaming service Grooveshark is shutting down as a part of a lawsuit settlement between it and major music companies

Grooveshark the web based music service owned by Escape Media in the US is now dead. The service comprising of Grooveshark's website and app is now being shut down as part of a lawsuit settlement between the service and Universal Music Group,Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.

The company published the following letter on its website

Grooveshark was a service where users uploaded digital audio which was then available for streaming for all. This over time incurred many lawsuits from big music companies, some of which Grooveshark won. The last lawsuit however has taken the company down. No further details regarding the settlement are currently available but it's believed that Grooveshark could be liable for millions of dollars in damages.

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