GPS trackers with remote engine switch-off

GPS trackers with remote engine switch-off

Car thefts aren’t uncommon in cities, and it’s advisable to take caution and secure your vehicles. A GPS tracking device lets you keep a close eye on your vehicle and allows you to remotely switch off the engine in case you suspect foul play. Check out the list of GPS trackers with remote engine cut-off available on Amazon!

 Acumen Track UC 900 GPS Tracker

Acumen Track UC 900 GPS Tracker provides real-time location tracking through one’s mobile application. One can even replay the route that the car has taken. Real-time notifications are provided if there is any tampering with the car, overspeeding, or crossed the geofence (that you define in the app). One can view the vehicle report of the previous 90 days. The device also has an anti-theft alarm. 

Drivool 890-IN GPS Tracking Device

Drivool 890-IN GPS Tracking Device is a reliable GPS tracking device that can detect the vehicle’s location even when there is a weak signal. It is a robust and waterproof device that has a separate sleep mode to save the battery consumption of the vehicle when not in use. It is also equipped with several features such as the overspeeding alarm, multi-user option, multi-vehicle tracking, dashboard reporting, custom point-of-interest plotting, speed alert, geofencing, and instant push notifications. It can work on any SIM.

Onelap India Micro Plus – Waterproof GPS Tracker

Onelap India Micro Plus – Waterproof GPS Tracker, with its GPS tracking chip, detects the accurate live location and sends it to cloud servers. The device comes with a SIM card with an unlimited net pack. It is connected to a user-friendly application that keeps the travel history data intact over a considerable time period. It provides detailed statistics about the runtime, the distance covered, idle time, and maximum and average speeds through interactive graphs. It has a number of features such as an anti-theft alarm, remote engine off feature, easy installation and safe zone mapping. The tracking unit is compatible with all types of vehicles. It is a simple device that is easy to use.

LAMROD Supreme Car/Bike GPS Tracker

LAMROD Supreme Car/Bike GPS Tracker gives the user the option of setting an overspeed alert and monitoring the speed graph over a period of time. The easy availability of a 90-day history playback aids this function. There is also anti-theft protection in terms of real-time location and notifications. An Airtel SIM card is included with the product and the user needs to recharge it on a monthly basis. The device is enabled with a high sensitivity chipset that helps pinpoint the location accurately.
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