Four Grip covers for PS5 DualSense controller

Four Grip covers for PS5 DualSense controller

Thanks to state-of-art controllers and other gaming equipment, gaming has reached an entirely new level. But all these accessories and gadgets need protection as they might get worn out due to those intense competitive rounds. If you are finding it difficult to pick the best skin for your controller, this article might come in handy. We have curated a list of some of the best, eye-catching and durable skins for controllers that can be ordered from Amazon without breaking a sweat. 

NiTHO PS5 Camo Skin

This tough-looking skin cover can prove to be a great investment if you want to safeguard your gaming controller without compromising the looks. It is an assorted set of enhancers for PS5 dual sense controllers made of silicone. Silicone contributes to its anti-sweat and soft to touch exterior that provides a good and comfortable grip for a longer duration. The skin is quite easy to install and uninstall and significantly improves your hold, thereby ensuring precise gameplay and greater control (as claimed by the makers). It features a sturdy and efficient analogue precision kit for better control and aiming. It weighs only 80 grams, making it easy to hold for a longer period without any fatigue or discomfort. 

New World PS5 Controller Silicone Cover

This PS5 controller cover by New World is made of premium quality silicone and sports a 100% ergonomic design that is not only durable but also pleasing to the eye. Its exterior is soft to touch and ensures a smooth user experience without restricting the movement and efficiency of the controller. Despite its soft surface, the controller offers a firm grip so that it doesn’t fall off easily while you are playing.  It plays an instrumental role in keeping your controller free from dust and scratches so that it retains a shiny look for a longer duration. It is washable and quite easy to install and uninstall, making it a hit among gamers. The precisely-cut design makes sure the controls and the dock connector are accessible so that you can use the controller without any restrictions. 

MMOBIEL Silicone Skin

Here’s yet another silicone skin cover for your controller that can not only increase its lifetime but also make it more pleasing to the eye! It comes with five different sized thumb grips (thanks to the special cat paw print) and is made for the PS5 DualSense controller. The skin and the thumb grips are made of premium quality rubber silicone and have an anti-slip design, ensuring a comfortable and strong grip when you want to play intense multiplayer matches. You won’t have to worry about taking the wrong turn or making the wrong move, as an anti-slip design helps avoid slip-ups. The special cat paw print includes adjustable thumb grips and ensures greater flexibility and control over the movement. It protects the controller from dust, scratches and smudges so that it looks brand new for a longer duration. 

Porro Fino PS5 Controller Cover

We will conclude the list with this superior, user-friendly controller cover which can snugly fit over your PS5 controller. The silicone cover is smooth to touch, but don’t be fooled by it as it can brilliantly handle intense gaming sessions without breaking a sweat (yes, it has an anti-sweat design)! The precise cut ensures proper access to all the buttons, controls and connectors. It is thick enough to absorb minor impacts due to falling, accidental bumps and slip-ups and safeguards the controller from dust, smudges and scratches. It has a compact and lightweight design that doesn’t add much to the controller’s weight so that you can hold it comfortably for longer durations without experiencing any pain. It comes in 15 vibrant colours like black, blue, red, purple, etc., so that you can pick one to your liking and match it with your gaming setup or PlayStation in the best way possible!
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