Fingerprint scanners for attendance

Fingerprint scanners for attendance

If you are facing problems in ensuring your employees ’timely attendance, you must consider switching to attendance-based fingerprint scanners. Why? It doesn’t only help improve the accuracy of your payroll system but also helps prevent time theft. If you are on the lookout for a fingerprint scanner to mark your employees’ attendance, ensure the one you finalise has ample user and fingerprint storage. Here is a list of a few good attendance-based fingerprint scanners on Amazon.   

Time Office Fingerprint Attendance Device 

The Time Office Fingerprint Attendance Device features a large storage capacity, with the ability to support 3,000 fingerprints, cards, and passwords. It has a transaction capacity of 100,000 and has three communication ports, namely USB, TCP/IP, and Wi-Fi, enabling you to connect with its software easily. It has a 2.4-inch TFT colour display along with a built-in battery backup of four hours. Moreover, since it is built on a cloud attendance platform, you can observe your employees’ attendance on the go from your mobile or computer. The Time Office Fingerprint Attendance Device also gives you 50+ reports, such as monthly reports, leave reports, and salary reports, allowing you to monitor the overall employee attendance at a glance.  

MANTRA mBIO-5N Time and Attendance Terminal Biometric 

The MANTRA mBIO-5N Time and Attendance Terminal Biometric serves as a time and attendance terminal, which comes loaded with attendance functionalities to make things easier for you. It offers operational stability and can be used in both factories and offices. The device offers easy integration with several applications, such as ERP, HRMS, payroll, attendance and SAP, ensuring it is a perfect fit for your organisation. Moreover, it comes equipped with a power backup option to make sure employees can punch in and out even when there is no power.    

Face Reader Biometric Attendance Uface 302 + ID Machine

The Face Reader Biometric Attendance Uface 302 + ID Machine is a biometric device that helps you keep track of your employees. It features a 2.8-inch TFT screen and has a fingerprint capacity of 2,000, making it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Moreover, it also has a face capacity of 3,000, an ID card capacity of 10,000, and a transaction log storage of 100,000, which makes it a holistic solution for all your attendance-tracking needs.    

SBJ B1 Bio-Metric Time Attendance

The SBJ B1 Bio-Metric Time Attendance is tailored to fit your attendance tracking needs, thanks to its multiple tracking modes (employees can punch in and out using a PIN, biometrics, or a card). It can support up to 1,000 users and 3,000 fingerprints and offers live notifications and reports directly to you on your email. The SBJ B1 Bio-Metric Time Attendance has a proximity frequency of 125KHz, making its card reader connectivity robust and swift.
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