Double-layer egg cookers that can boil 14 eggs simultaneously

Double-layer egg cookers that can boil 14 eggs simultaneously

In the kitchen, you need certain gadgets which can make things easier and more efficient for you. One must-have gadget for a kitchen is the egg boiler. These make it very easy and efficient to boil eggs. Normally, heating up water, boiling eggs and peeling them off is quite a time-consuming task, but not if you have an egg boiler. Egg boilers let you cook eggs without the hassle and can even cook 14 eggs at a time. This is quite handy for a large family of egg lovers. While egg boilers are quite common, some of them come with double layers, which means you can stack eggs at the top and bottom. Incidentally, you can use one rack to boil eggs while the other one poaches. Here are some double layer egg cookers that can boil 14 eggs simultaneously.

Stvin Double Layer Electric Egg Cooker, Poacher and Milk Boiler

This is one of the most value for money picks. At a low cost, it gives you a whole range of functionality. It has two layers – both of which can be swapped. It comes with a host of add on accessories, including two egg boiling trays with a capacity of 7 each, along with a steaming basket. There’s also a blank platform on which you can make your eggs. Making eggs is as simple as pouring in normal water and placing the eggs in the slots. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll get freshly boiled or poached eggs to your liking. You can also boil milk and other liquids here. It features an auto shut off mode that ensures that you need not stand around and wait. 

Diswa Double Layer Egg Boiler 

Here’s a versatile double-decker egg boiler. It can be used in the single tray configuration as well, meaning if you want to boil less than 7 eggs, you can make use of that and the single lid, while if you want to boil more eggs, you will need to install the top layer which has space for 7 more eggs. You can poach eggs too, using your steel utensils, breaking the egg in them and then putting them in for steaming. The company claims that you can fry eggs and other food items too, so go ahead and experiment with what you can make. To ensure you’re not in the kitchen for any more time than you need to be, the automatic shut off mode comes in quite handy. 

Egab ABS Plastic Double Layer Egg Boiler

Here’s a double-decker egg boiler for all you egg lovers out there. In total, you can easily and seamlessly boil up to 14 eggs – 7 in each tier of the appliance. The top part of the egg cooker can be removed if you don’t require so many eggs at once. This is great for serving eggs during parties or boiling them for making something fancy like scotch eggs. To further enhance functionality and ease of use, it packs in an automatic shut off mode, which is to say that you don’t have to stand around and monitor the appliance – it will automatically turn off once your eggs are ready.

Zuvexa Egg Boiler 

Looking for an egg boiler that is easy on the wallet? This is the one to pick up. It features a double-decker design, which is really helpful if you’ve got a lot of egg lovers in the house. The boiler can cook up to 14 eggs at once, meaning it is great for family breakfasts. With the help of this, you can focus on other things in the kitchen. The top lid also acts as a nice bowl to peel the eggs and cool them down for a while. Incidentally, you can also poach eggs on this double-decker egg boiler. The best part is that the automatic shut off feature makes it so that you don’t have to turn it off.
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