Digital lockers to store your valuables safely

Digital lockers to store your valuables safely

While bank lockers have always been a secure option for your valuables, there are certain precious things that you want to keep at home. For instance, you could keep jewellery that is needed for social events or emergency cash that could be required at a moment’s notice. However, this does not mean that you can leave them lying around anywhere or even in an ordinary cupboard. Get yourself a digital locker for maximum safety and convenient usage. Here are some options available on Amazon that pack the right combination of reassuring specifications and useful features to keep your valuables safe.

Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro

The Godrej Security Forte Pro digital locker supports a three to six-digit long password, allowing you to choose the right balance of complexity and convenience for yourself. The model uses non-volatile memory for password storage, ensuring that it does not get erased when the battery is low. To prevent repeated tries to crack it, the keypad disables itself after consecutive wrong password attempts. In the event that you cannot recall the password, or it needs to be opened urgently without one, the model does support a manual override with the provided key. Additionally, to maintain your privacy in the presence of others around you, the locker allows you to hide the password entry on the display.

AmazonBasics Home Safe

The sleek black exterior of the AmazonBasics Home Safe digital locker improves the style quotient of any room it is placed in. Its smart electronic keypad is designed for easy operation – just enter the password and pull the handle. With an 8-gauge steel door and a 14-gauge steel body made of heavy-duty carbon steel, the AmazonBasics Home Safe is designed to keep your valuables absolutely secure. In addition to this, the design also features two live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges, adding strength without compromising the security of the build. It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and other necessary mounting hardware making it easier for you to securely install it on the wall or the floor.

Ozone Safety Solutions Opal Ivory Digital Safe

The choice of bottom or back mounting gives you the freedom of placing the Ozone Opal Ivory Digital Safe according to your requirements. Easily enabled with a common master password, the locker also comes with a manual override key to be used in case of emergencies. The bright LED display helps you avoid mistakes when you’re entering the password, even in the dark. With a capacity of 16.5 litres, the Opal Ivory locker can store a large number of your valuables easily. Inside, the design features a soft base to avoid scratches on your precious jewellery and other metal objects. 

Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security Safe

The Crux Digital Locker from Valencia comes with a five-minute lockdown feature which enables after three consecutive wrong PIN entries. This keeps it safe from repeated breaching attempts. The digital LED PIN-pad keeps the numbers visible even in the dark, ensuring minimal errors. It allows codes from three to eight digits in length, helping you set one with the right amount of complexity as per your convenience. Three indicator lights on the model convey important information such as the keypad being in use, the right PIN entered, and low battery status. With the knob system, the design of the Crux adds a final layer of security to keep your valuables extra safe.

Siddharth Parwatay

Siddharth Parwatay

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