Braided lightning charging cable

Braided lightning charging cable

Finding the perfect charging cable for your Apple devices can be tough. Quality is not something that can be compromised when it comes to picking charging cables since it could adversely affect your device and be prone to breakage. That is why braided lightning charging cables prove to be a great choice. Compatibility and durability is the feature that all of us will look for in charging cables. Regular cables do not last long and can wear out within the first years of usage. When you are looking for a charging solution in the long term, these braided lightning cables are optimal. 

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Nylon Braided Lightning

This is a two-in-one quick charge cable that can be used to charge and sync Apple devices. The AmazonBasics Apple Certified Nylon Braided Lightning cable is designed for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It comes equipped with an 8-pin lightning adapter on one end and a USB A on the other. The cable is made of high-quality copper wires along with braided-nylon fiber cloth. The length is 0.9 m which should prove to be an adequate length for most use cases. 

Flybot Viper Rugged Polyester

This Flybot Viper rugged polyester unbreakable cable is compatible to be used with Apple devices. This is an extra tough cable that allows super-fast charging up to  2.4A. The length of the cable is 1.5m. The cable is also Mfi certified and is compatible with all the latest iPhone models in the market. This being a braided heavy-duty cable, provides high data security during data transfer. This is a sturdy cable that uses nylon cloth on the outside. 

Dyazo 6 ft Apple Mfi Certified Charging

The Dyazo 6 ft Apple Mfi Certified Charging and sync nylon braided cable is 6-feet or 1.8m long. It also comes with a cable strap for adjusting the length as well. The charging wire has a capability of 2400 MHA to provide a fast charge. It has complete charge/sync compatibility with all the latest Apple devices. The copper wires on the inside of the cable come with added kevlar which promotes fast charging. The all-new Flexi new technology is fitted to give the cable a long life. This cable can also easily handle everyday stress while unplugging multiple times.

Wayona Nylon Braided (2 Pack) USB Syncing

The Wayona Nylon Braided cable is a lightning MFI Certified data and charging cable. This is capable of charging and transferring data simultaneously. The speed of data transfer is super-fast. The durable nylon-braided design of the cable comes equipped with aluminum housing. Its tough nylon fiber is wound tightly around the cord lending it superior durability and flexibility. The copper wire on the inside is tinned so that it exhibits anti-rust and antioxidation properties. This cable is compatible with the latest Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones.
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