Best wall mount pull up bars you could use for full body strengthening

Best wall mount pull up bars you could use for full body strengthening

When it comes to following a complete exercise routine, strength training is as important as cardio. You cannot achieve your fitness goals without including them in your workout regime. While cardio is a lot easier to perform as you don’t necessarily need any equipment for it, strength training may sometimes be tricky especially if you are a beginner. In such cases, having some strengthening equipment to help you, can do wonders for your workout session. There are many such strengthening equipments in a gym that assist you in your strength training. However, not everyone finds it convenient or suitable to join a gym; and at the same time buying all the expensive equipment for home workouts might also not be affordable for all. This is where a wall mount pull-up bar that can be used for a full-body strengthening exercise comes into play. By offering multipurpose use, these wall-mount pull-up bars can offer complete body strengthening for core, back, upper body and lower body muscles. Read on to find out more about these wall mount pull up bars that you can easily get online to start your fitness journey.

Kore K-WM-CHINU-BAR-SR-ABS pull up bar

If you are planning to set up a personal gym at home, this Kore K-WM-CHINU-BAR-SR-ABS pull up bar might be a great way to start. By giving a multipurpose use, this pull up bar is ideal for push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and helps you to strengthen the muscles of your entire upper and mid-body including your core, back, arms, and chest. The six-point foam grips make sure that your grip is firm and secure on the bar while working out which gives you a safe and efficient workout session. With different grip positions on the bar, you can focus on training different muscles to keep a variation in your daily workout which keeps it interesting and also gives you effective results.  As this equipment is wall-mounted, it does not take up much space. The pull-up bar from Kore K-WM is a great option to strengthen your upper and mid-body muscles in the comfort of your home.

Sapphire WM-BAR-2000 wall mount chin up bar

This Sapphire WM-BAR-2000 wall mount chin-up bar is made of CRC first grade metal pipe which gives it a highly durable design, which allows you to use this exercise equipment daily without worrying about it malfunctioning and ensures long-lasting use. The high-quality powder coating finish gives this bar a clean look which will enhance the look of your home gym. With a firm and solid grip, you can use it for training your upper back, chest, arm, shoulder and core muscles which makes it important equipment for strength training at home. Once mounted on the wall, you can use it with different grips for targeting the muscles of your upper and midsection by performing exercises like chin-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and crunches. 

IBS heavy duty wall mounted pull up bar

When looking for a pull-up bar that will provide you with the utmost safety while working out and also be usable by someone on a much heavier side of the weight scale, you have to consider this IBS heavy duty wall mounted pull up bar. The heavy-duty steel, high-density foam grips, strengthened beam, triangular support structure and upgraded screws together form high-quality engineering that provides you with extra safety and comfort while working out and also makes it ideal to take up to 200 kg of weight. The ease of use and ensured safety makes this equipment suitable for people in all stages of their fitness journey right from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Aurion solid chrome barbell bar

This Aurion solid chrome barbell comes with three-point grip positions—narrow, wide and neutral – which allow you to change the grip position for targeting specific muscle groups and makes your strengthening exercise more efficient. By taking a load of up to 120 kg, this pull-up bar can be perfect to start your fitness journey with. The black powder coating on its surface makes it rustproof and corrosion proof which ensures long-lasting use. With the heavy-duty and secure design, you can be absolutely sure about your safety while using this equipment, and exercise without worrying about any unfortunate accidents. The compact wall-mounted design saves space and makes it ian deal gym equipment for home use.
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