Best coolers for small rooms

Best coolers for small rooms

If you’ve ever sat in a room with a functioning cooler, you know why this appliance is a must-have during the scorching Indian summers! Coolers not only fill the room with cold air but also with air that’s got high moisture levels, preventing your skin from drying out. These appliances are also more energy-efficient and do not contribute to high electricity bills and air pollution! If you’re someone who just cannot bear the heat and needs cold air in the bedroom all the time, then a cooler might be the best option for you. Here are some of the best coolers for a small room available on Amazon. 

Kenstar Alta 22L Cooler

The Kenstar Alta 22L Cooler is a plastic tower cooler with wheels, which means you can move it from your bedroom to the living room as and when you need to. This cooler has a total capacity of 22-litre, making it ideal for small bedrooms. If you live in an area that sees frequent dust, you’ll be glad to know that this cooler is equipped with a dust filter. This should prevent it from pulling dust into the room while it operates. The Kenstar Alta 22L Cooler has an ice chamber that should transform the air from cool to cold on those hot days. Its dimensions are 31.3 x 33.9 x 95.6-cms, making it a good fit for small spaces. 

SEP Appu Junior Honeycomb Air Cooler

The SEP Appu Junior Honeycomb Air Cooler is a good option for consumers who want to see the product as a long-term investment. This is because it is equipped with Dura-pump technology that’s said to increase the life of the pump. The coolers are made of a polypropylene copolymer that is also claimed to enhance the durability of the product. The corrosion-proof fan is set against a large cooling pad, which is claimed to ensure powerful cooling. While most coolers use synthetic pads, this one uses a pad made of Aspen wood hay, which is claimed to break down water molecules better, thus ensuring moist air in the room. 

Atul Smart Air Cooler

The Atul Smart Air Cooler is a good option for people looking for a cooler without additional frills. It has a 110W output, which should mean that it throws air into the room with a decent amount of power. The cooler has a total capacity of 25-L, making it ideal for small rooms like your bedroom or study. This is supported by the fact that the product is sized at 47 x 51 x 58-cms. The rust-proof plastic body should enhance the overall durability of the product. The 9-inch exhaust fans should ensure that the room is cooled quickly, while the Honey Comb Pads ensure that the air has ample moisture. 

Kenstar Kool Blu

If you’re looking for a compact cooler for your small room, then the Kenstar Kool Blu might be the best option for you. Its dimensions are 46 x 35.5 x 66.5-cms, which means that it won’t take up a ton of space in your home. With a total capacity of 16L, this cooler is ideal for small rooms. The Kenstar Kool Blu has a plastic body set on wheels, which means you can move it from one room to another to ensure you stay cool no matter where you sit. A few notable features of this product include the dust filter and ice chamber, which should prevent dust particles from entering your room and keep the air cold, respectively. Finally, the Kenstar Kool Blu has honeycomb pads to ensure good moisture retention. 

Natural Air Cooler

The Natural Air Cooler is a traditional air cooler with a fibre and metal construction. The fibre used in such coolers ensures a high level of moisture in the air so that you can enjoy sitting in a cool room without feeling dry and itchy. The combination of its high-speed motor and 9-inch fan (with five blades) should result in a powerful airflow and quick cooling. Though such coolers are typically slotted into the window, this one comes with wheels and can be placed in the bedroom itself. The Natural Air cooler has a total capacity of 20-litre and also has an ice chamber so that you can enjoy cold air on super hot days. 

Kajoli Anand Puri

Kajoli Anand Puri

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