Amazon Echo Show 8 2nd Gen vs Echo Show 8 1st gen: What’s new?

Amazon Echo Show 8 2nd Gen vs Echo Show 8 1st gen: What’s new?

Echo Show 8 2nd Gen comes with a 13MP camera.

Other specifications and features are similar to the first generation Echo Show 8

The smart display has an 8-inch display and dual-driver speakers.

Amazon’s second-generation Echo Show 8 smart display that was earlier introduced globally is now available in India. The new Amazon smart display will supplant the original Echo Show 8 that launched last year in the country and is currently selling alongside for a lower price. The major upgrade in the second-generation model is the camera sensor. 

Echo Show 8 2nd gen India: Price and availability 

The Echo Show 8 2nd gen is priced at Rs 13,999 in India but is currently selling for the discounted introductory price of Rs 11,499. Consumers have Black and White colour options to chose between. 

Amazon is also selling the new Show in some smart home bundles where you can add smart bulbs or smart plugs to your order for a discounted price. In comparison, the last year’s Echo Show 8 (1st gen) is available for Rs 8,999. 

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Echo Show 8 2nd Gen vs Echo Show 8 1st gen: What has changed?

The major change is that the 1MP front camera has been replaced with a 13MP sensor. This should make a difference for consumers who make video calls on their smart display. The Show 8 can automatically pan and zoom to keep subjects within the video frame. The camera can also be used as a security camera to remotely monitor your home on the Alexa phone app or even for the drop-in feature where you can check in on your kids or parents without leaving your room. 

The camera isn’t the only change, though. The MediaTek MT 8163 SoC has been replaced with presumably faster MediaTek MT 8183. 

Apart from these upgrades, the new Show has the exact same design, dimensions, dual-driver speaker system, and display as the first-gen Echo Show 8 from 2020. Of course, improvements or skill developments in Alexa will be available to all Echo devices. 

The 8-inch touch display has HD resolution and you can ask Alexa to stream videos from Nextflix and Prime Videos. The display can also adjust the white balance based on the ambient lighting. The Echo Show 8 is still meant to be a voice-controlled device, but the display adds another dimension to Alexa interactions. You can also use it as a smart home dashboard to control and monitor other Alexa-compatible devices in your home.

Echo Show 8 2nd Gen Specifications 

  • Chipset: MediaTek MT 8183
  • Camera: 13 MP front-facing camera with privacy cover.
  • Display: 8-inch touchscreen, 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.
  • Speakers: 2.0” (52 mm) neodymium speakers with passive bass radiator.
  • Dimensions and Weight: 7.9"x 5.4” x 3.9” (200mm x 135mm x 99mm); 1037 grams

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