Amazing air coolers for ultimate cooling

Amazing air coolers for ultimate cooling

While often overshadowed by their Air Conditioner brethren, Air Coolers are great cooling solutions in their own right. They have a host of benefits over ACs. For instance, they are more economical and have lower running costs due to lower energy consumption, making them cleaner and greener. Here are some great options for Air Coolers right here on Amazon. These have been chosen based on their specifications and features. 

KENSTAR A5X 50Litre Air Cooler

Air Coolers are usually dull, simple looking appliances that don’t match the decor in most homes. Not the Kenstar A5X. Rocking an attractive red and white colour scheme, the A5X is sure to make a bold statement in whatever room you put it in. It has a 50-litre water tank and honeycomb cooling pads that increase the efficiency of evaporation. The air throw distance is 9.1m which is more than enough to fill a medium-sized living room and most big bedrooms. A large ABS fan takes care of air displacement duties utilising five fin blades, each measuring 40.6cm. As a bonus, the A5X is inverter compatible, which means you don’t have to worry about cooling even during power cuts. If you are looking for an air cooler that matches your home’s aesthetic, the Kenstar A5X is worth looking at.

Symphony Touch 110 Air Cooler

A requirement with Air Coolers is that you will have to fill them up with water to ensure continued cooling. The frequency of filling up can be significantly reduced by going for air coolers with higher tank capacities. The Symphony Touch 110 comes with a whopping 110-litre capacity, ensuring that you get cooling for extended periods of time. It has a hybrid cooling pad system that combines the best honeycomb and aspen designs to offer great cooling efficiency. You can control the cooler with the included remote as well as a touchscreen with voice assist on the cooler itself. The Symphony Touch 110 can cool huge rooms up to 35 square meters in size. Despite its capacity, this behemoth uses only 205 watts while running, keeping the electricity bill low. If you are tired of refilling water frequently or wish to cool a large-sized room, the Symphony Touch 110 might just be the cooler for you. 

Hindware Snowcrest ARCTIC 90L Desert Cooler

Modular designs have started taking over entire homes instead of just being a mainstay in modern kitchens. Now you can keep your modular home’s design language intact with the Hindware Snowcrest Arctic. It is a 90-litre capacity desert cooler that boasts an attractive modular black and white design that is sure to spruce up your home and fit right in. It has a fast 3800 m³/hr air delivery system, which displaces a lot of air quickly in your room, cooling it faster. It has an air throw rating of 13 meters and three-speed controls to let you adjust the cooling to your preference. It uses honeycomb cooling pads and consumes only 200 watts of power during usage. A tank autofill system and a vertically motorised louvre make using it a breeze. If your home is modular and you are looking for a good air cooler to complement it, the Hindware Snowcrest Arctic is a good choice.

V-Guard AIKIDO F70 Desert Air Cooler

A problem with letting water sit in air coolers is the real possibility of fungal growth in the cooling pads. The V-Guard Aikido F70 combats this problem with thick anti-fungal cellulose cooling pads. It has a 70-litre tank capacity so that you don’t have to refill it as often and neither do you have to worry about the water staying in there for longer. The 4700 m³/hr air displacement and 15.2 meters air throw distance will cool your rooms quickly and efficiently. It has four castor wheels for easy mobility and a motorised vertical louvre arrangement. It features easy access to the cooling pads for cleaning and an automatic cord winder to make using and maintaining the cooler easy. If you are looking for a good dessert cooler that is hassle-free and convenient to use, the V-Guard Aikido F70 should be high up on your list. 

Kenstar Icecool RE 60 Litres Honeycomb Air Cooler

A cooler’s water tank and cooling pads can become breeding grounds for insects such as flies and mosquitoes. Unless, of course, your cooler has anti-mosquito nets over the vents like the Kenstar Icecool RE. Its 60L tank is well protected so that you have to never worry about aerial insect infestation even if you leave water in it. The cooler delivers 4000 cubic meters of air every hour and has an air throw distance of 13.7 m. A large, powerful fan with blades, each measuring 45.7cm in length, takes care of cooling duties. The device also features smart humidity control to check the amount of water vapour in the air and adjusts its output accordingly. If you plan to use a cooler in neighbourhoods with mosquito problems, the Kenstar Icecool RE can be considered. 

Voltas Grand 72 Desert Cooler

Need a cooling solution that doesn’t take up too much space? The Voltas Grand 72 has you covered. Don’t let the diminutive size fool you, as the cooler packs a massive 72-litre tank – enough to keep your room cool through the night. It features honeycomb pads and can effectively cool rooms up to 40 square meters. The large 42cm fan can be set to oscillate to ensure the cool air reaches all corners of the room. The cooler consumes 190 watts of power which is significantly less compared to a regular 1 ton AC that consumes about 1000 Watts. The cooler has an air throw distance of 10.7 meters and comes with a three-speed control. It is also mounted on castor wheels for easy portability. If space is at a premium at your premises, the Voltas Grand 72 should be on your radar. 

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