Always stay on course with these top GPS devices for navigation

Always stay on course with these top GPS devices for navigation

When you’re out on new roads in your car or bike, it is vital to have a GPS companion that can tell you where you need to go or at least one that can track your location so that people know where you are. GPS trackers are also beneficial for frequent travellers and those who live to explore. GPS trackers themselves don’t have screens but can track your location by global positioning systems. You can further use a phone and link it to the device to give you detailed information on where you are and where you need to go. So, check out some of these top GPS devices for navigation that helps you stay on course. 

LAMROD Supreme Car/Bike Google Link GT02A GPS Tracker

Here’s a GPS tracker that gives you pinpoint locations. The GPS tracker can locate a vehicle in the parking area or even help you recall where you parked your car. This is enabled with the help of the MTK high sensitivity chipset present in the GPS tracker. The tracker itself is quite small and can easily fit anywhere in your car or bike. If you’re using it for monitoring several cars or vehicles, you can set a custom speed limit in the app, which will send you a notification when the vehicle is over-speeding. For more in-depth information, you can also get speed-graph reporting in excel format. It also holds up to 90 days of historical data in the tracker itself, which you can then view on the app.

Onelap Micro – Hidden Waterproof GPS Tracker

Onelap is a powerful vehicle management, security, and intelligence platform. You can simply connect the Onelap GPS tracker to your vehicle and get instant access to valuable insights about your vehicle right from your smartphone. Inside the GPS tracker is a highly sensitive GPS chip that sends the vehicle's accurate location to their cloud data servers which you can use to monitor your vehicle's live location. There is also a full day driving history on the user-friendly mobile app. There are also SDK tools, which you can use to create custom tools tailored to your use. It comes with IPx5 robust hardware that works seamlessly even in harsh environments. It notifies you in case of theft via alarm notification if unusual activity is detected. 

Letstrack Standard Vehicle Security | Voice-Enabled Real-time GPS Tracking Device

With a compact design and the latest GPS tracking technology, it is an all-purpose voice-enabled GPS tracker meant for every business owner who wants to track their vehicles in real-time. This is a good GPS system for those who have several cars and vehicles. If you can’t monitor it at regular intervals, you can choose the 24-hour tracking option, which will show you a history of where the GPS tracker went in the past 24 hours. You can talk to your fleet vehicles anytime with the help of your phone’s virtual assistant – Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. This is quite a future proof technology and should make it all the easier to communicate with your devices. 

Akari Gt02A GPS Tracker Device

Here’s a GPS tracker which uses professionally advanced software tracking platforms, systems and the latest innovations. With extensive programming and modular design, the tracking software excels in simplifying the vehicle monitoring process to make things easier and deliver an entirely customisable experience. The device also features tracking of the previous month's history route, the total number of kilometres travelled and route details on Google maps. The device is suitable for both two-wheelers and four-wheeler vehicles, meaning it is quite a versatile pick.
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