4G portable router

4G portable router

If you are someone who has to work on the go and is in constant need of high-speed Wi-Fi, then you should get a 4G portable router. It not only gives you high-speed internet but the compact body design allows you to carry it around even in your pocket. Furthermore, you can connect multiple devices to it, enabling you to make a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you go. Here are four such 4G portable routers that you can get on Amazon. Note that these products have been selected based on their listed features.

JioFi JMR1040 Wireless 4G Portable Data Card

The compact and stylish 4G portable router from Jio has a big 3000mAh battery, which should give the device enough juice to last for eight hours, as per company claims. You just need to insert a 4G Jio SIM and you are good to go. It gives you true 4G speeds – up to 150mbps download speed and 50mps upload speed, as claimed by the brand. Furthermore, it helps you connect up to ten devices at your home or office space, enabling multiple people to use the router simultaneously. You can connect your smartphone, laptop, tablet and even smart TV. With this product at your disposal, you can get access to high-speed internet wherever you want. Finally, it weighs just 95g, making it extremely easy to carry around wherever you go.

Huawei E8372H-155 4G Wingle Data Card

If you are looking for a portable 4G router to connect multiple devices simultaneously, then this device from Huawei should be a good choice to consider. With this at your disposal, you can easily connect up to 10 compatible devices at a time. Since it is a dongle with a USB connector, you just need to plug it in your laptop, desktop or a charging adapter and use it for as long as the source device has power. Furthermore, you can use it in your car as well, as it is compatible with most car chargers, enabling you to create a Wi-Fi environment on the go. Since it supports high-speed LTE CAT 4, you should be able to share data up to the speed of 150MBps, as claimed by the brand. Finally, you can use the Huawei Link App to make the device management easier through your smartphone.

Airtel E5573Cs-609 4G Hotspot Portable Wi-Fi Data Device

Here is a 4G portable router from Airtel that supports both prepaid and postpaid SIMs, giving you more data plans to choose from. You can connect up to 10 devices at a time such as a smartphone, laptop, desktop or other compatible devices, at your home, office and on-the-go. It comes with a strong built-in 1500mAh battery that should give six hours of life to the device, as per company claims. Even though the body is slightly larger than most portable routers, but don’t think of this as a downside. Thanks to the bigger body, it has multiple input and output points of wireless connectivity, thus improving the Wi-Fi coverage, as per company claims. With this portable router, you can enjoy 4G speeds even on non-4G devices.

Jio Wi-Fi JMR540 Wireless Data Card

Here is a compact portable 4G router from Jio that gives you high-speed internet with download speeds up to 150mbps and upload speeds up to 50mbps, as per company claims. The brand recommends you to connect 10 devices simultaneously, like laptops, desktop, smartphones and so on to get the best performance but you can connect up to 32 devices in total at a time. With a powerful 2600mAh battery, you should be able to get seven-eight hours of surf time, as per company claims. Furthermore, you can enjoy true 4G speeds even on your non-4G devices. With this portable router at your disposal, you should be able to enjoy video calls at good quality and online games without any stutters.

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