10 metre USB-powered LED light strips

10 metre USB-powered LED light strips

Every festive celebration has to have lights, and the more there are, the merrier we all be. For decades now, strings of lights have always been powered using a standard two-pin plug. Technology today allows us to have string lights powered by any device with a USB port, such as a computer / laptop or a power bank, leaving all our house plug points free for other expediencies and, in fact, giving us the opportunity to use our lights in locations which are far from any friendly neighborhood plug point. The following 10 meter USB-powered light strip sets (of 100 LEDs each) are all available on Amazon.

MANSAA Home Decor LED Lights

MANSAA's cool white LED lights have a soft ambience to them which could either illuminate a garden patch or be the perfect substitute for the proverbial dim lights (with suitable shading) in the sitting room during a romantic interlude. The LEDs are strung on high grade, well-insulated copper wire which is 0.4 mm thick and flexible enough to be curled around objects. The USB plug has an output voltage of only 5V, and so it won't give you a shock.

LTETTES Fairy String Lights

LTETTES's dewdrop-shaped LEDs are just the thing to light up your outdoor winter parties and give them that special misty glow that brings great cheer to your heart. The bulbs have a long life of 50,000 hours, operate at a low working voltage, and have low heat emission. The thin copper wire connecting them is pliable enough to be shaped around almost anything. Note, however, that while the copper wire itself is waterproof, the USB plug is not.

XERGY Fairy String Lights

XERGY's light strip is composed of three strands of 0.4 mm thick copper wire with plating twisted together, as against most other brands' two strands of 0.3 mm thickness, thus making it exceedingly durable. The LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours lighting life. The strip, but not the USB, has IP65 waterproof protection. Coil the bulbs along strips of cloth of different colors and you'll be treated to a feast of hues and shades like you've never seen before.

Pink Kites Home Decoration String Lights

Like the XERGY set, the Pink Kites set is composed of a three-layered copper strand, thus increasing the brightness of the lights. The lights require a supply voltage of only 5 V, and hence consume less power, thus making them energy-saving bulbs. This durable but pliable light strip can withstand accidental splashes of water, and hence can even be used outdoors.

Amazon Brand – Solimo 10 Metre 100 LED Copper String Light

You can add some glamour to your room with these string lights by Amazon. The makers claim that these copper string lights have undergone rigorous testing and passed 33 tests, including 11 safety tests and seven performance-related tests. The product includes 100 warm-white coloured LED lights that can act as the perfect lighting for your mirror, study table, notice board or headboard. These are USB powered and have a flexible 10-metre copper wire with a diameter of 0.35mm, which should make them easy to install, bend and use around the room. These energy-efficient lights have an insulated copper wiring for extra safety and can be used to decorate your house during festivals. You can also use them to decorate your room or personal workspace to spice up the ambience. 

Home Delight 100 LED Copper Fairy String Lights

If you are on the lookout for energy-efficient lights for decoration, then these fairy string lights by Home Delight might be a great choice for you. They come with a USB plug-in that can be inserted into any USB port including a USB adapter, power bank or even your PC. These lights are lightweight and highly portable, so you can easily pack them in a suitcase or bag to enjoy a fairy-tale camping night. The 10-metre copper wire is quite flexible, which should make bending it around objects an easy task. It has an output voltage of 5V and an insulated copper wire to avoid shocks or burns, making it a safe and reliable home decor alternative. Its battery has an IP65 rating, and the copper wire part can also be put in water, making it perfect for monsoon.

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