PUBG vs Fortnite: Twitch stats reveal Fortnite has 33 million followers compared to PUBG’s 24 million

PUBG vs Fortnite: Twitch stats reveal Fortnite has 33 million followers compared to PUBG’s 24 million

As per Vidooly, the average monthly view count for Fortnite is 3.66 times higher than PUBG at 174,672.83, while Tencent’s PUBG has an average monthly view count of 47,780.

Key Highlights:

  • As per Vidooly’s report, PUBG has over 400 million players
  • Fortnite is said to have around 200 million players worldwide
  • Numbers don’t include mobile stats

Battle Royale games like Playerunknown's Battleground and Fortnite left a mark this year on the gaming scene. Even though the two games fall under the same genre, they widely vary in terms of gameplay. The online video analytics platform Vidooly has released a report regarding the two titles by supposedly analysing six factors, which are: Follower and viewer count, game stream count (based on language), hourly and weekday distribution of streaming, average monthly views, monthly streaming data, and finally, channel count. The company says that the report is based on the sample size of 26 thousand Twitch users playing the two titles from April 2018 to October 2018. Do note that mobile devices are not taken into account. 

Here are some of the stats provided by Vidooly:

  • There are over 400 million global PUBG players and the title has sold over 50 million copies on PC and Xbox. 
  • Fortnite is said to have over 200 million players and has made $318 million in revenue till May 2018. 
  • PUBG has over 24 million followers on Twitch and around 23K viewers on the platform
  • Fortnite has reportedly amassed over 33 million followers and around 48k viewers. 
  • In terms of top streaming channels, the report suggests that Ninja, Shroud, Summit1g take the first three spots for both the titles. 
  • Unsurprisingly, PUBG and Fortnite streams in English get the most viewership. PUBG’s total streaming duration is said to be 157,730.4 hours, while Fortnite‘s total duration is 542,699.14 hours. 
  • Fortnite has 3674 English channels that stream the game, as compared to 1743 channels for PUBG
  • For hourly distribution of streaming, total number of streams for PUBG is 85,852 while Fortnite
  • streams is 203,257. This means that Fortnite is streamed approximately 2.3 times more than PUBG by Twitch Channels.
  • The most popular time for streaming PUBG is apparently 18:00 hours GMT (11:30 PM IST), while Fortnite is said to be streamed the most at 20:00 hours GMT ( 3:30 AM IST).
  • Average monthly view count for Fortnite is 174,672.83, which is 3.66 times more than PUBG that has an average monthly view count of 47,780.
  • It seems that interest of viewers has waned in the last six months, as average monthly view count has declined for Fortnite by 22.45% and for PUBG by 47.06%.
  • Coming to monthly streamed data, over the last 6 months, Fortnite was streamed for around 645,772.4 hours, while PUBG has been streamed for a total of 2,648,42.3 hours.
  • The final stat from Vidooly is for the channel/streamer count, and PUBG seems to be losing out on Twitch. The average channel count of Fortnite is 3,386.66, while the same for PUBG has only 1788.

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