PUBG Mobile India website and teaser go live, hinting at the inevitable return of the Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile India website and teaser go live, hinting at the inevitable return of the Chicken Dinner

PUBG Mobile India official website goes live

New teaser featuring Dynamo, Jonathan and Kronten released

PUBG Mobile is expected to launch in India soon

A new website for PUBG Mobile India along with a teaser featuring some of the top players of the battle royale sensation has been released. PUBG Corporation announced last week that a new version of PUBG Mobile was being specifically prepared for the Indian market. The new version that is being called PUBG Mobile India is expected to be released in the coming weeks, two months after the game was banned by the Indian government along with 118 other apps. 

While the government has reportedly cleared its stand and wants the company to address the issues for the game’s revival, PUBG has released a new teaser for the game featuring three of the top PUBG Mobile players in India. The ad released across PUBG Mobile India’s social media handles features Aaditya ‘Dynamo’ Sawant, Jonathan Amaral and Chetan ‘Kronten’ Chandgude. 

The ad does not reveal new details about the impending launch of the game and depicts the players waiting for the game to be released. Apart from this, PUBG Corp. has also gone live with a website that you can check out here. However, the website does not reveal anything new about the game and feature embedded social media posts. The new website does list out the official social media handles of PUBG Mobile India including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

PUBG Mobile India website and teaser released

PUBG Mobile is coming back to India as a new version and the developers have revealed that it will feature customised content that is in-line with the Indian players. The parent company Krafton Inc. has also inked a deal with Microsoft for using its Azure cloud to store user data in order to address the government’s concern regarding privacy and security of the players. 

PUBG Corp. has also revealed that it is establishing an Indian subsidiary and will hire over 100 employees to boost the esports ecosystem and game development in India. The company also plans to engage more with PUBG Mobile players in the country and esports organizations to collaborate and increase its presence.

Moreover, the revival of PUBG Mobile will also see the company host exclusive events and esports tournaments in India as PUBG Corp. is investing over 100 million USD in India to amplify the Indian esports ecosystem.

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