PUBG Mobile finally fixes annoying door bug with 0.12.0 update

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 18 Apr 2019
PUBG Mobile finally fixes annoying door bug with 0.12.0 update
  • PUBG Mobile fixes door bug with version 0.12.0 update.
  • There was an issue of doors not opening automatically.
  • Many players were complaining about the bug as it hindered the gameplay.

PUBG Mobile was recently updated to version 0.12.0 and it brings a new game mode along with a slew of other changes to the game. Alongside the addition of new game mode and weapons, the game developers have also fixed quite a lot of bugs with the new patch but one of the notable ones is the door bug, which many players were complaining about for quite some time. The issue disabled doors from opening automatically when a player approaches, forcing players to open the door manually by tapping on the open door icon. 


While the annoying door bug is fixed, there are many other issues users still are facing and the company is yet to patch. Game textures not being rendered correctly, lags and sound glitches are some other common bugs PUBG Mobile players are reportedly facing. We can expect the game developers to fix these in upcoming versions of the game or in the minor version revision updates that are released from time to time. As mentioned earlier, the new 0.12.0 update for PUBG brings a new Darkest Night mode to the game. The new mode is placed under a new EvoZone, which replaces the Event mode, and more new modes are slated to be added to it later. 

In the new Darkest Night event, players need to survive the zombie hordes till dawn to win. Unlike other modes, all teams that survive till dawn will be considered winners. Some new changes have been made to the existing Survive Till Dawn event. The new RPG-7 weapon is now available openly on the map when playing the mode, along with Jungle Style Magazines. There are now Stun Grenades that can be used to stun zombies in a small area, along with a new Liquid Nitrogen Grenade, which freezes enemies and reduces their movement speed. New Zombies will spawn that can now climb over low walls or onto roofs. 

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