Krafton investigating login failure error plaguing BGMI players [updated]

Krafton investigating login failure error plaguing BGMI players [updated]

Some BGMI players are reportedly unable to login and play.

Krafton notes that it is already trying to solve the issue.

The issue does not seem to affect all users.

[Update]: Krafton has announced that the problem has been fixed and players should be able to login as usual.

Some Battlegrounds Mobile India players are reportedly unable to login and play the game. Thankfully, Krafton is already aware of the issue and is working to fix the problem. According to a post on the company’s official website, some players started experiencing login failure from 9:00pm, December 29. These players faced an error message that stated, ‘Server authentication error, Login failed.’

The developers noted that they are currently working to fix the issue and will inform players of the same as soon as possible. As of 12:05am, December 30, the team was still trying to fix the issue.

As mentioned by Krafton, the issue does not seem to affect all users. So some players should be able to play the same as usual without much hassle. However, those players that are facing the problem have little choice but to sit tight till the problem is resolved. 

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Battlegrounds Mobile India: Player data transfer between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

In related news, BGMI players should note that they only have a few days to link their old PUBG Mobile account with their Battlegrounds Mobile India account. By linking accounts, players will be able to transfer all in-game items that they may have purchased in PUBG Mobile. However, players only have a couple of days to link the same. The data transfer feature between PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India will no longer be available after December 31, 2021, 23:59:59 (UTC). This is roughly January 1, 2022, 5:30am IST. Any player that does not link their account will lose all items they purchased or acquired with their previous account. It should be noted that data transfer can only happen if PUBG: Mobile players linked their accounts with Twitter. Those who use guest accounts are out of luck as this means their progress from the previous game will be lost forever and they will have to start all over again. 

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