You can now find Ola and Uber cabs on Google Maps

By Shrey Pacheco | Published on 16 Mar 2016
  • Google Maps will now show fare estimates and pickup times of Ola and Uber cabs in major cities in India

You can now find Ola and Uber cabs on Google Maps

Google Maps will now show users in major cities a comprehensive list of commuting options including cabs from Uber and Ola. The new feature requires the provider’s app to be installed on the device and shows fare estimates and pick up times if a car is available nearby. Uber users can choose from uberGo and uberX, while Ola customers will have the option of Ola Mini, Ola Micro, and Ola Sedan. Clicking on one of the services will take the user to the respective app from where they can request their ride. 

Google has stated, “Having all your commuting options in one place makes it easier to make quick comparisons about the best route and get an estimated fare. When it makes sense, we’ll also show cab availability when viewing the map in walking or transit directions.” The feature is currently only available on Android, but Google has said that it will bring it to iOS soon. 

Last month, Google Maps released an update for its app on Android that let users add pit stops and detours along their route.The company said that this ensured quicker pit stops and fewer long detours as users can search for places like fuel stations, restaurants, and more without exiting the navigation mode. 

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