Netflix will soon rollout mobile video previews for iOS and Android app

By Shubham Sharma | Updated 8 Mar 2018
Netflix will soon rollout mobile video previews for iOS and Android app
  • Netflix's Mobile Previews will allow users to get a glimpse of the series and movies which they are yet to watch. The new feature is an extension of TV previews which were previously rolled out.

Netflix will very soon roll out new Mobile Previews for its Android and iOS app, which will show users a short 30-second video teaser of shows and movies. Also, the suggested previews will be personalised based on the shows a user watches. The new feature will be rolled out for the Netflix iOS app first and later to the Android app. The company says that the new “Stories” like design on mobile phones is an evolution of TV previews which were rolled out previously. The new mobile previews have been optimised by design and will be displayed vertically. This is quite similar to Snapchat stories. The rows in Mobile Previews will be based on what the user, and added members, have previously watched. 


Netflix says, “The Netflix mobile team has been working on developing this feature for close to a year. We did rounds of testing to better understand what type of video is most compelling and useful for the smartphone experience -- where there is less space than a TV screen and members tend to be juggling more tasks. Ultimately, our testing indicated that mobile previews drove viewing and helped members more quickly find something great to watch.”

Netflix recently released the Season 2 trailer for Marvel's Luke Cage season 2. The bullet-proof hero, who is also almost indestructible, returns to the city of Harlem to face Injustice and a “formidable foe”. There are also some ‘First Look’ stills of the series released by the streaming service and the show will premiere on June 22. 

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