Google Search for Android 4.1 updated, adds Google Now and voice control

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 27 Jun 2013
Google Search for Android 4.1 updated, adds Google Now and voice control
  • The new Google Search app for Android bundles in voice search and data-driven "cards" from Google Now.

The Google Search app for Android has been updated to get the new Google Now service. The new update for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (or higher) users delivers information in interesting ways.


The new Google Search app collects all of the Google data on the user, like geographical location and recent emails, to produce relevant notifications to alert you. It can even produce notifications proactively, for e.g. if you have to reach a meeting at 3 and there is a severe traffic jam, Google Now will alert you.

The new Google Now update supports music playback voice control where you can choose music by a particular artist or any song by using the command “Play [blank]”. You can even choose from where you want to play the music. For e.g. you can ask it to play music from YouTube.

Google Now has search options where it includes TV programs you’re watching, if you have a smart TV which shares the same network as your Android device. The user has to tap on the “Listen for a TV show” button on the card, and Google will identify it. You can even see contextual information about the show while watching. The update also includes minor changes like saved Google Offers that are near you.


The Google Search app initially included directions, flight information and calendar reminders, and now has grown to include music that you might like, severe weather warnings, and much more. The Google Search app is available free from the Google Play Store.

Source: Engadget

Silky Malhotra

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