Chrome for Android gets touch to search feature

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 8 Jun 2015
Chrome for Android gets touch to search feature
  • Google announces 'Touch to Search' feature for Chrome for Android that allows you to tap on any word to pull up search results for it.

Google has started rolling out Touch to Search feature for Chrome on Android that it announced at the I/O developers’ conference. The feature allows users to search from any web page with just a tap. The internet giant has also launched a new feature to its Chrome desktop browser that automatically pauses Flash content.


The Touch to Search is similar to Now on Tap feature that allows users to simply long-press any word in an article and Google will show a card at the bottom of the screen showing the Search results of the word including related news and Wikipedia pages. Android Central reported that the feature was available in Android for Chrome beta for a while and has now started rolling out to general users as well. Users also have an option to turn off the feature by going in to the browser settings.

The search giant said in a blog post, “Since Chrome can see the page you’re searching from, it can give you more accurate search results. For example, just tapping on America on the page below shows a search about the movie Captain America: Civil War, not the country. Just slide up to see more information—news, cast, images and more.” Google's Now on Tap feature will debut in the company's latest Android M. The feature works within any app and automatically searches the context present on the screen by just long pressing the home button.

The internet giant also annpunced a new feature that automatically pauses Flash content is aimed at cutting down on battery drain. The update is part of a Beta release and will be coming to all users in the near future. Google says, "When you're on a webpage that runs Flash, we'll intelligently pause content (like Flash animations) that aren't central to the webpage, while keeping central content (like a video) playing without interruption. If we accidentally pause something you were interested in, you can just click it to resume playback. This update significantly reduces power consumption, allowing you to surf the web longer before having to hunt for a power outlet".


Source: Google

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