Precaution Vaccine dose: How to register on Cowin for booster dose for healthline workers, senior citizens

Precaution Vaccine dose: How to register on Cowin for booster dose for healthline workers, senior citizens

Senior citizens above 60 years of age, front line and health care workers are now eligible for a ‘precaution dose’ or a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. From Jan 10, 2022, the Indian government has announced that the COVID 19 booster dose or precautionary dose will be given to those who are registered as frontline workers such as healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, etc. as well as Indian citizens above 60 years of age with comorbidities. The government has announced that people can register on the app to get the ‘precautionary dose,’ and even walk-ins are allowed. Booster dose registration on Cowin site helps you in getting a fixed slot for the covid 19 vaccine booster dose.

Who is eligible for the precautionary vaccine dose?

  • COWIN website states that you are eligible for a precautionary dose if you are registered as a Health Care Worker (HWC) or a Front-Line Worker (FLW) or as a citizen aged 60 years or more.
  • Further, to get the third vaccination shot, the first 2 vaccine doses should be done at least 39 weeks ago. You have to be fully vaccinated with 2 shots done 9 months ago as per the vaccination details recorded on the COWIN website.
  • Senior citizens aged 60 years or more who have received both the jabs previously and have co-morbidities should take the precaution dose, only after medical advice.
  • If you have taken covishield first 2 doses, then you are eligible to take Covishield only. Same for Covaxin medicine. Mix and match of vaccines are not allowed.
  • Vaccination is free in all government hospitals and civil dispensaries.

How important is the Covid 19 vaccine booster dose?

The third booster dose in India is called the Precautionary dose. The government has announced the third booster dose due to the rapid increase in the number of covid cases globally. It is a precautionary dose to safeguard against the third wave. 

How to register on the COWIN website

For registration update your personal details with photo ID proof like Driving License, Aadhaar Card, or even Passport. Cowin registration process is very simple and can be done by following the below mentioned steps.

1. You will have to log in to the COWIN website with your phone number
2. Next enter the OTP to log in to the website.
3. Enter your details including name, age, as well as submit a photo ID proof for registration.
4. Next tap on Book Appointment for Vaccination.
5. Just enter details like State/UT, Pin code, etc, and search for the vaccination centres. Select the date and time slot for your vaccination.
6. Users should carry their registered mobile phone, and photo ID to the appointment. Do note that once a session is booked it cannot be cancelled, however, you can reschedule it as per your requirement. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an SMS with details confirming the same.

How to register on Cowin for booster dose

You can register for the third covid 19 vaccine shot by visiting the COWIN website. Follow steps to register precautionary dose on Cowin website.

1. First, open and log in with your phone number. The number has to be the same which you have used for previous registrations.
2. Next enter the One Time Password (OTP) when using that particular mobile number. Up to 4 users can register on the same phone number on the Cowin website as per government rules.
3. Once you have logged in, you will see your name and profile details.
4. Fully vaccinated Indian citizens can take the precautionary booster dose for the covid 19 vaccine. The portal will show the slots for Precaution Dose in the Appointments Module, as well as the date from which they can take the jab.
5. Next, click on the ‘Precaution dose’ tab and then choose appointments.
6. You can select the appointment slot as per your preference based on your location, Pin code, etc.
7. Then click on the Book appointment option. Once done you will receive an SMS on your mobile with the appointment details.

How to register for booster shot on Aarogya Setu app

Follow the below mentioned steps to register for a booster vaccination slot.

1. First, download the Aarogya Setu app on your mobile phone.
2. Next, you will have to log in with your phone number and you will have to enter the OTP you receive on your mobile phone.
3. Next, go to the COWIN TAB.
4. Then tap on the vaccination tab.
5. You will be able to see your name and those who are eligible for the booster dose will have to click on Precaution dose.
6. Next, select the appointment slot as per your area and pin code.
7. Just book an appointment. You will also get a confirmation message on your mobile phone for the booking. 

How to download booster dose certificate

You can download the vaccine certificate after the 3rd precautionary shot from the cowin portal.

1. Log in to the Cowin website.

2. Next, enter your mobile number and you will receive an OTP to log in.

3. Then you have to enter the OTP number which will take you to the main dashboard where you can see all the beneficiaries registered with your mobile number. The government allows up to 4 people to register on a single mobile number.

4. Next just click on the certificate next to the name of the beneficiary and the certificate will be downloaded. 

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