Made in India apps you should check out

Made in India apps you should check out

Let's take a look at some of the lesser-known apps that have been Made in India

These include Cricbuzz, Playo, Maya, Numerics and more

These apps are not as common so we thought we'd highlight some of them

India is a country rich with talent and innovation, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some incredibly popular apps were born right here, in India. Everyone knows about the Zomatos, the BookMyShows and the MakeMyTrips. You don’t need us to tell you about those apps, so instead, we hunted down other apps that are Made in India or have an Indian origin that you might not know about or apps that you might have heard of, but had no clue were of Indian origin. In no particular order, here are seven apps of Indian origin that are worth checking out.


HealthifyMe is a free-to-use app which allows you to track your diet, lose weight, and even build muscle. It does all your dietary calculations for you, all you need to do is select the food you’re eating, or have eaten, from the list of food items on the app. Since the app is made in India, it includes most Indian foods and cuisine that you can think of. You can input your current weight, age, and other parameters into the app and it will suggest ideal workouts and diets for you.

Additionally, for a fee, the app can also provide a more personal touch in the form of personal coaches and nutritionists who can communicate with you directly to create your diet and workouts. However, we should point out that there are mixed feelings about the paid features that HealthifyMe provides, with some saying it worked wonders for them and others saying that the service was terrible. There’s also the HealthifyMe Rist activity tracker, a fitness band that’s able to seamlessly pair with the app. 

You can download the app here


India is mad about cricket, there’s no denying it. We just love the sport, so it’s really not surprising that an app like Cricbuzz was created right here. Cricbuzz is THE app to have to stay up to date with anything and everything to do with cricket. Live and quickly-updated scores, detailed commentary (we’re talking ball by ball here), the latest news and interviews, upcoming matches, and interesting facts and stats about favourite teams and players. What more do you need from an app? It’s got its own widget too, to keep track of scores when you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to a TV or a radio. If you’re a cricket fan, chances are you already have this app installed, if not, what are you waiting for?! 

You can download the app here


Have you ever been a situation where you’ve wanted to go out and play a sport? It could be anything, basketball, football, volleyball, you name it. The only issue was, you had no one to play with. That’s where Playo comes in. The Playo app helps sports players in a neighbourhood find each other. Using the app, you can book courts and host matches. Your ‘playpals’ can join in on these matches, and you can decide whether you want the match to be open. If so, anyone with the app can join, or else it is limited only to your playpals. Furthermore, the app lets you create playgroups or teams. You can then challenge other playgroups to matches. The app comes with a rating system wherein you rate each other to boost sporting skill ratings on the app. This adds a layer of competition, which is pretty nice.
That’s not all there is. Using the app, you can also set up tournaments, find coaches and even track your performance. You can even register for marathons, treks and other events via the app. There’s an endless list of sporting activities on the app, we’re sure that at least one of them will be right up your alley.

You can download the app here

Recipe Book

The RecipeBook app is for those of us who need some inspiration to get cooking. The app itself is a large collection of recipes that you’re free to try out. Opening the app, it feels like you’re in the play store again, only for recipes. Of course, the app is free in this case.
When you’ve finally found something that you think you can cook among the thousands of the recipes RecipeBook has to offer, the app gives you the total time it’ll take you to finish the dish, which is a combination of preparation time and time to cook, and it’ll show you all the ingredients you’ll be needing for that particular recipe. The app will also show you nutritional value of that particular dish, and allow you to create a shopping list for the ingredients you’ll need from right there. You can actually check off ingredients as you acquire them. They’ve tried to ensure that you really don’t need to open another app at all.

RecipeBook has two interesting features that are worth mentioning, Shake n Make and Snap n Cook. When using Shake n Make, you select ingredients that you have lying around in your kitchen and you shake your device, and RecipeBook will give a list of recipes you can make using those ingredients. Similarly, Snap n Cook works in a similar way, only now you take a snap of the ingredients. This mode can be a little buggy at times, but it’s still a cool feature.

You can download the app here


Maya, which initially went by the name LoveCycles, is free, and apparently, fun and easy to use menstrual cycle calendar. Maya helps track a lot of factors related to menstruation, such as related symptoms, mood swings, and of late, they’ve started keeping track of the overall health of women as well. The primary use cases for Maya are improving the accuracy of both contraception and conception.

All the data that you input which is being tracked by Maya, is fed into its prediction algorithm, which in turn allows Maya to provide timely assistance in the form of notifications and even tips, in addition to keeping track of the current cycle, obviously.

Maya is able to work while offline as well, so you don’t have to worry about having a poor network connection or no Wi-Fi, you can still use the app. Maya will automatically back the data up to your account when it gets the chance. The app will also sync your data across all the devices you have logged in through. There are colour codes for menstrual phases, for better guidance and prediction.

In addition to all that, Maya can also track a bunch of different health-related symptoms and offer users help accordingly.

You can download the app here. 



Numerics is a dashboard app designed for business users. The goal is to be the one app where you can showcase, mix, and match data from a variety of sources. Numerics works with a lot of such sources, from Basecamp, to Facebook, Google Analytics, Salesforce, stock info (from Yahoo), Zendesk and more. They’re always looking to add more such data sources.

The app has dozens of predesigned widgets for you to use, based on 20 plus sources of business data. You can show data in plain old numbers if you so please, or turn them into good-looking charts and graphs. You can even control the colours and other attributes of the charts. Numerics allows you to design multiple dashboards at the same time, and swipe or switch between them as and whenever needed, so you can work on multiple projects at the same time. Overall, it’s a great app if you need to create a custom dashboard. It is available only on iOS devices though.

You can download the app here


There are a plethora of apps which help you rhyme with and discover words in English. However, not so much when it comes to Hindi. Rhymly intends to fill that void. If you are a Hindi writer or happen to know one who is, then you should probably pick up or suggest the Rhymly app. The platform provides you with rhymes and meanings for Hindi words, while also acting as a way for others to showcase their works to the world, or at least, to the app’s user base.

How the app works is very simple, just type in the word that you want to rhyme with and Rhymly will find a rhyming word for you. It doesn’t even have to be Hindi only, ‘Hinglish’ couplets are also pretty popular on the app. The app is even planning to add more languages, which is fantastic. If you’re into content writing in Hindi, you definitely do not want to miss out on the Rhymly app.

You can download the app here


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