5 tools to make your own music

By Prakrit Dhondiyal | Updated 26 Feb 2014
5 tools to make your own music
  • If you are musically inclined, check out this software to help you make your own music

Music has an obvious effect on our subconscious. It permeates deep, and persists longer than anything else. Even those of us who are not particularly gifted in the creation aspect can appreciate greatness when we listen to some good music. And sometimes that passive approach may evoke a flash-in-the-pan moment of greatness and desire to create.


Maybe it’s an awesome tune that comes to you in the middle of the night or a string of lyrics that you’d love to hear set to a good riff. Fear not for there are some tools out there that can help make good music, even at the hands of an amateur.
Just a few tips to keep in mind before you go ahead and try our recommended software below:

An elementary know-how of music is called for. You may not need to know what an octave or the significance of notes and pitches, but if you’re almost tone-deaf, try something else. Maybe Dubstep.

It would come in handy to at least know the difference between a bass guitar and bass drum. You know – basics. A sense of music would also be helpful.

Basically – you can try your hand at stock loops and putting them together to make music. But remember, as is true with anything else, practice makes perfect.
Keep in mind, the words of inspiration delivered by Sir Michael Caine...


...and Paul Rudd.


  Acoustica Mixcraft 6
Hands down: The smoothest Audio Editing software out there for Windows. Though it got some flac(k) back in the day for being designed after Apple’s ‘Garage Band’, over time, it’s certainly proved its worth, expanding to sync-sound and limited video editing as well. Mixcraft 6 is available for anything between $49 and $169.
Apple’s Garage Band
It’s only fair to give due credit to the software that brought pro-level audio editing onto the home PC. Apple’s Garage Band changed the world of home audio recording and processing since its inception back in 2004. Though the exclusive nature of the software to Mac and iOS may reduce its customer base, it still stands tall. And now comes built into OSX.

Fruity Loops Studio 11
Fruity Loops Studio is one of the pioneers in synthesized sounds. Fruity Loops 11 is an all-out audio synthesizer for your PC. Multi-track recording is limited to your audio inputs and includes over 30 audio synthesizers. Available for $99-$299 on the FL Store.

Adobe Audition
And when it all comes down to it, Adobe is always around for media editing. Adobe’s Audition is the go-to software for professional audio editing. Audition’s a powerful tool, so use it wisely. It’s not meant for people looking to just fool around. It’s precise with its purpose – Audio editing and multi-track recording. Available at Adobe online for $349
  Native Instruments - Komplete
Native Instruments is a professional-level audio editing and software merging elements of Nuendo and Garage Band, with the added bonus of having plugins that act as pedals and processors for your instruments right there on your PC, making audio recording that much simpler – and to top it off, it’s free!








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